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Alberian & Aulde "Constellation" Black Diamond in 14k Rose Gold Photon Ring

Alberian & Aulde jewelry - Designs You Should See

If you are looking for something sophisticated, and yet has a real injection of personality into it then you should look no further than Alberian & Aulde Jewelry. They have a number of different pieces in their collection and seem to cover almost every base when it comes to jewelry, with a number of fine rings, necklaces and earrings in the range. However, despite the large range there is absolutely no compromise on any of the pieces in the Alberian & Aulde Jewellery collection.

The core of their range seems to lay in the Alberian and Aulde Necklaces. It seems that no other jewelry designing group out there places as much focus on necklaces as they do. Every single item in the collection is absolutely sublime and really does scream uniqueness. Perhaps their most popular range is the ‘constellation collection’ which has a number of sublime necklaces that are created with gorgeous white sapphires or moonstones. However, there are a number of other gemstones which are included in their necklaces, another of the most common is white topaz.

The chains used to create these necklaces aren’t just your ‘bog standard’ necklace chains, they are so much more than that. The chain is a work of art in itself, and you have a number of different designs from which you can choose from. A popular style of chain in their range is the ‘hoopla’ chain, however many people seem to find that they connect with the ‘latchet’ a lot more. If you are looking into purchasing one of the many Alberian and Aulde Necklaces you should take the time to consider what type of chain you wish for it to be constructed with. The majority of their chains are created using top quality sterling silver, however a number of other precious metals may be available in their collection, for example, sterling silver which has been plated with black rhodium.

It is safe to say that when you purchase an Alberian and Aulde necklace you are not just purchasing an item of jewelry you are purchasing a work of art, and this work of art is going to last a long time for you to treasure.

The collection doesn’t just end at the necklaces however. There are a plethora of fantastic rings on offer. These follow the same design philosophy that Alberian and Aulde have set in place for their necklaces to not only create something that is unique, but to create something that looks beautiful, and they certainly seem to have succeeded here. There are a number of different ring styles on offer so you are surely going to be able to find something that connects with eithers yours or the lover in your life’s personality perfectly.

Perhaps some of the most beautiful rings in the Alberian and Aulde range are those that make use of black diamond, something which does come at a cost, but of course something which will blow away anybody that looks at it.

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will be cherishing for many years to come then you should look no further than Alberian and Aulde Jewelry:

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