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Top 35 Winter Clothes for Dogs

Winter season is the season of raining, snowing and cold winds and we wear our heavy clothes in order to keep ourselves warm. Like humans, our dogs need also to be warm and dry during this cold season especially those who have short and thin hair which isn’t enough to keep them warm.

Dogs winter clothing are found in a lot of shapes and types like dog sweater, a dog coat, dog sweatshirt, jackets, hats and a dog raincoat in cotton, knits and fleece. All what you want for your dog, you will find it just learn how to dress your dog the suitable outfit for the suitable time.

Dog raincoat will be more useful in rainy days as you won’t like to see your dog wet and bring your poor wet dog into the house in this bad condition.

In moderate days, you can dress your dog in sweater or coat as it fits the climate and gives adorable look to your dog.

In chilly days, jackets will be perfect as they add to your dog fashionable look and give him the warm that it needs especially if you are planning to accompany your dog in a walk.

In fine days, you can dress your dog in knit sweatshirt as it isn’t too heavy and it won’t make your dog feel hot.

You should put into your consideration two important things. The first thing is the measurement of the dog coat or sweater which make your dog feel comfort and the second thing is the fabric of the dog clothes in order not to be very itchy or hot for your dog.

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