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The 10 Most Expensive Wedding Rings In The World

The 10 Most Expensive Wedding Rings In The World

The celebrity star Paris Hilton made it to the head lines of the newspapers being at the top list by having one of the ten most expensive wedding rings in the world. The price of her ring is 4.7 million dollar and it is 24 carat made of emerald stone. She made it to the headlines when she announced that she will be engaged to the “wealthy businessman” Paris latte.


Sunday, December the fifth 2010. the 3 million dollar wedding ring presented by the famous American millionaire Donald trump to his beautiful pride Millania Knaws came at the second place according to “the insider” on MBC4.


The first lady of America Jackline Kennedy Onnasis or Jacky Kennedy the wife of John Kennedy the former president of the united states came at the third place in the list of the most expensive wedding rings in the world with a ring made of 15 carat diamond. The price of the ring was estimated to be 2.6million dollars when it was sold in a public raise in 1996.


Although the princess Diana’s ring was not on the top ten of the most expensive rings, The show pointed out that the ring captured the public attention again when her eldest son presented it to his fiancée Kate Middleton. The ring is made of blue ruby and embedded with diamond .the whole world saw their amazing wedding in April 2011.


The ring that took the fourth place is Catharine zeta Jones’s ring. Her husband the American star Michael Douglas presented the ring to his pride the Oscar winner in 2002. The ring is embedded by 10 carat diamond and it worth 2 million dollars.Catharine zeta Jones's

The celebrity star Tom Cruise has placed his beautiful pride Katie Holmes in the fifth place after he presented her a 1.5 million dollar ring. It is an Edwardian design ring and it has an oval diamond. The Hollywood couple married in 2006 after having their four year old daughter Suri.

Katie  Holmes

In the sixth place came the ring of the beautiful American star Jennifer Lopez that was given to her by her ex-husband Ben Affleck. They announced their engagement with a ring designed by Harry Winston.It has 1.6 carats of pink diamond. Its estimated price is 1.2 million dollars


Prince Charles has occupied the seventh place with the one million dollar diamond ring he presented to his second wife Camilla Parker Bowls after the death of princess Diana.Camilla Parker

In the eighth place the American star Charlie Chen who presented a 550.000 dollar ring to his fiancée. Brook Mueller but they broke up last year after having twins. Chen was accused of domestic violence.

Brook Mueller

Eva Tony Barker took the ninth place the celebrity star of “desperate housewives”. Despite all the family problems that occurred to her marriage reaching the level of divorce because her husband was cheating on her. The ring was designed by the French stores of “Jean Doucet” it worth 500.000 dollar. By her ring she announced her marriage to the French basketball player Tony Barker.


Eva Tony Barker

In the tenth place came the actress Jennifer Garner By the ring presented to her from Ben Affleck. It is a half million dollar ring. Ben Affleck’s name was mentioned twice in the list of the ten most expensive rings after being in the sixth place with Jennifer Lopez’s ring.

Jennifer Garner

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