Unique Gypsy Sculpted Ring with Ajustable Band in Two Tone - Silver and Gold Tones with Clear Rhinestones

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Gypsy Wedding Rings were incredibly popular during the latter half of the nineteenth century, and the early half of the twentieth century, in fact, back then they were probably one of the most popular of the rings back then. Gypsy Wedding Rings were traditionally worn by males, however a number were also created for use by females, the rings that were made for females generally are made using big round diamonds instead of gemstones, although there are exceptions to this rule. Nowadays, original antique gypsy rings are more popular than they have ever been.

Gypsy Rings Features:

Gypsy Wedding Rings are often characterized by being made of heavy yellow gold, with a gemstone set into them, the gemstone does vary from ring to ring, however if you are searching for antique gypsy rings, you are almost certainly going to be able to find the perfect one for you. A number of gypsy rings also have small holes made into the gold which puts further gemstones on the ring, this approach gives them a ‘flush’ set. Two hundred years ago, these were seen as the most fashionable of the wedding rings, however sadly, you did need to be rich to purchase them and thus they were not sold in mass quantities.

Price Value:

The price that you are going to pay for your gypsy wedding rings if you are buying antique will vary considerably. This will be based on the weight of the gold, the cut of the diamond as well as the age of the piece. Some of the rings with have more intricate patterns on, particularly female ones will command a larger price. It is worth browsing about a reputable dealer for a while to ensure that you pick out a ring that is going to be perfect for you, both in looks wise as well as meeting your budget.

So why should you purchase an antique gypsy ring? Well, for a start it has survived hundreds of years already, which means with the right care and attention it is going to survive many more. This is because back when the rings were created, the manufacturing process was very ‘personal’ to the ring, which meant that it was built to last, and by hand without the use of machinery like nowadays. This is probably one of the main reasons why people purchase antique rings.

People are of course also interested in the history of the wedding ring, whilst you may never know the full history of the ring, you can be assured that whatever ring you purchase has been tied to a long romantic history, and when you purchase one, you will be continuing this ‘romantic tradition’. You will also have something pretty amazing to hand down to your children in the future.

If you are looking for an Antique Gypsy Ring then always go to a reputable dealer. This way you know that you are going to be getting ‘quality’ for your money. There are plenty of dealers out there who sell ‘replicas’ of antique gypsy rings, and you want to steer clear of these places if you want something that is truly going to last you forever.

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  1. Reminds me of the ring given to Princess Diane prior to her death. The concept design style of ring

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