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TOP 36 Golden Brooches

Elegance is said to be lying in the smallest details. as for Golden brooches they are attached to garments giving them more sophisticated taste.

this little tiny accessory has the advantage that you can feel it reacts with what you are wearing. It can completely change your look and your style whatever its shape or color is, it succeeds in giving elegance to your simple look .also they can be made of white gold. Golden brooches take many different styles and colors that suit all

tastes, for instance they can take the shape of insects like butterflies, or fruits like berries ,or even the shape of animals like elephants or a tigers it could also take the shape of leaves, roses or even trees. Golden brooches can be

decorated with a set of crystals or stones and also pearls that make them glare.

These different shapes attract attention and admiration. The great interest in these little objects has a deep root in history in ancient civilizations. it was used instead of pins in the great Victorian era at the beginning of its time it was something only for queens only. nowadays every woman uses brooches to give a beautiful, simple look to her .

A small tip we can mention is that Golden brooches that has diamonds should be used in official evening celebrations but the multi color ones can be used in any time of the day. Brooches are one of the pieces that capture your sensations. it could be presented as an elegant gift for birthdays or any other occasion . if you have a simple belt that has no decorations you can turn it into a wonderful new belt if you added a simple brooch decorated with stones to it making it suitable for evening parties. It can also give your handbag a new style if you put it at the side of your bag.

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