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The Forearm Jewelry

When you hear the word “forearm jewelry or arm cuff bracelets” the first one who comes into your mind is ” Cleopatra”. Forearm jewelry is existed since Cleopatra’s time, as she was the one who was famous with wearing this type of jewelry. She had many different styles from these arm cuff bracelets.

With the review of the books of the history and saw the historical pictures and paintings, we will find that these arm cuff bracelets were expanded and so popular in that period between the royal families and the general public for men and women as well. Not only this, but also it was common among warriors as forearm jewelry was a main piece of the warrior uniform.

Ancient Egyptians were the most people who wore the arm cuff jewelry. Pharaohs queens and princesses were only people who wore the cuffs that was made of gold and jewels, but the others from the public wore the cuffs that was made of Copper, wicker and other less materials.

Now, forearm jewelry has returned back widely to restore the glories of the past and crown the past fragrant but with a new modern touch. The most famous shape of these forearm jewelry is the snake shape which wraps around the forearm adorned with a beautiful way to attract attention.

There are also many designs of arm cuff bracelets wide or thin depending on what you want and prefer made from silver, gold and real diamonds. You can decorate with them with whatever you wear; it all depends on your choice of design. They look great when wearing with sleeveless casual outfits or with evening dresses.

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