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18 Most Stylish Isharya Jewelry Designs
Isharya Single Line Druzy Grey Yellow White Cuff-Bracelet

18 Most Stylish Isharya Jewelry Designs

Full of life and vibrancy! These are the words that spell Isharya jewelry. It has a colorful collection of rings, earrings and necklaces that will surely capture every attention. The sunny appearance looks so hot and lively. Every piece never has a boring finish. The collection is made up of bright color combinations and metallic details that never fail to shine. Be it in casual days or important events, Isharya jewelry equips you with glamour and upbeat style.

Pride of India:

Isharya jewelry started in Mumbai, India as a beautiful hobby of two sisters-in-law named Radhika and Guari Tandon. They started it in 2004. For three years, they made jewelries which they call Isharya coming from the combination of the names of their children Ishaan, Armaan and Arya. With the help of local artisans, they made two, sometimes three collections which they market to boutiques in the US every season. They got good responses from their customers that it started to catch a lot of attention from the public. With its rising popularity, the two ladies made it their full time business to cope with the increasing demands.

In 2007, Isharya took its full flight. What used to be just a hobby to make jewelries only for became a full blown business for fashion reinvention.

Product overview:

Isharya jewelry designs are inspired by several cultures belonging to different eras, nature and materials with ethnic background. The collections were astounding blend of modern, tribal and sensuality. There never was a jewelry collection as complicated yet harmonious as this one.

The materials usually used for this collection are gold, silver, bronze, stones, glass, resin and even leather. They fabricate the different elements using techniques like plique-a-jour enameling. This French technique is difficult but the result is very good. The finish product captures light that creates shinny translucent enamel finish. They often use this process which comes from Byzantine era for their Indian inspired designs such as lotus and paisley.

Isharya jewelry is composed of cuffs, earrings, rings and necklaces. It coins the characters of modern western and Bollywood.

Most popular styles:

Isharya rings are bold, chunky, and geometrical that is lined with gold. It can be made of polka glass, stone and metal combinations. One of the most popular designs is the Black Frost Pyramid Luxe Faceted Ring. It has neat and clean golden edges which made a very complimenting contrast with the dark rhombus detail.

Another famous ring model is called the Tree of Life which has geometric patterns with a little palm tree leaf detail on the side. The white resin is edged with copper colored metal.

The Isharya cuffs and bracelets are wildly blended colors and textures. You can experience the feud of colorful fancy stones like hot pink, jade and blues in one sizzling piece. One of the most loved pieces is the all-time-favorite cuff which is called the Blue Druzy Single Line Cuff. This can be worn alone or layering all three cuffs for a more fashion fierce punctuation.

Isharya earrings do not need to scream to get all the attention. With the sunny, colorful and lively character, these pieces would never miss to be noted. The chandelier-like length with daggling beads are the signature looks. They can also have more laid-back patterns like using only single lustrous stone imitation droplets like the famous Libra earrings in fuchsia and quartz combination.

Typically, Isharya necklaces come in bib fashion which makes the elaborations of the design very tangible. The necklaces also have loud hues of colors which are not irritating but, very spirited, dynamic and full of fancy, instead. You’ll be blown away by how the shapes, textures and colors are combined.

Shopping tip:

Isharya jewelry is high fashionable piece that has a very complex blend of character. When shopping, check the tiny rings that connect each bead to the other. This is the interconnecting point which often gets defect. Like other jewelry collection, check for cracks and chipped portions so that you will never get frustrated after you get home.

Visit most trusted stores like Amazon Store. Authentic Isharya jewelry ranges from $100 to $500.

If you are the type of a woman who loves attention, sensual and classy, Isharya jewelry is right for you. With its chunky, bold and bright character, every piece will surely make you standout. Isharya jewelry collection never fails to flaunt what life, liveliness and lush means in all its full color.

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