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  1. Would like to order the man’s wedding band from your web site. I would like to order the pink Tungsten Ting with Pink Ceramic Inlaid.

    Also can’t find where to register on your site. Find the inbox but no working place to register.


  2. Cufflinks: grand piano
    The most favorite men jewelry .jpg(419×41) shows on man sleeve in picture.

    1. Cost
    2. Delivery time

  3. I have an older Pierre Cardin watch and the band is wearing out. The band has a gap in the center, where it fits to the watch and the pin goes through. I have not been able to find it anywhere…..but I was looking at Pierre Cardin watch photos online and saw the same kind of band on a gold watch with your logo in the top right corner. The name of that watch was ‘comtechlogic Pierre Cardin gold crystal watch. I was hoping you know that watch and where I may find a leather watch band like that.
    Thank you-

  4. Hw can I get jewellery and know price? Please inform me.

  5. I’m interested in a ring that you sell on your website. I would like more information on it.

  6. I would like information on ordering hand back jewelry, one item in particular for my upcoming wedding. Please contact me with information on how to order.

  7. Dr. John L. Harrison, Sr.

    Folks, I have found a picture of some men’s wedding bands on the web, and when I click the picture, it takes me to your company. Unfortunately, I have not been able to then find the same ring set. I have saved the picture of the rings, and can send them to you. Would someone please contact me and provide me a way to send the photo for additional help? Thank you in advance.

    Respectfully, Dr. John Harrison, Alexandria, VA (November 17, 2015).

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