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How To Preserve Silver Objects ( The Best Ways To Keep Your Silver In A Good Shape )


Most women use silver accessories in their every day life, but the chemical properties of silver are not stable like gold therefore they are exposed to the change of its ... Read More »

How To Select Practical, Cheap And Good Quality Watch ?


Your wristwatch reflects not only your character but also your elegant look all in one piece. It also reflects your financial status and your taste in other matters. Ladies usually ... Read More »

Learn The Language Of Jewelry

Stone vintage ceramic earrings 003

Every person has his character, designs, and stones Napoleon was famous for his delicate taste and high sensations, he knew how to attract women with the most beautiful jewelry gifts, ... Read More »

Legends Of Ancients And The Power Of Gemstones In Preventing Envy


Some people believe in blue beads and the power of gemstones in preventing envy. What are the original sources of these beliefs? This is what we will discuss here Ancient ... Read More »

Ways And Methods Of Selecting Rings For Long, Skinny, And Short Fingers


Selecting the right ring that suits your fingers is the secret of the elegant look of your fingers, so you have to know how to choose the right ring. Long ... Read More »

Ways Of Treatment By Stones And Jewelry


Every day we wake up on a new surprises of new ways of treatment one of them is called alternative medicine that uses every thing surrounding us in curing diseases ... Read More »

The Most Expensive Diamond Rings


1 The most expensive diamond ring in the whole world This ring is made in china to be the most expensive ring on earth. The united states bought it for ... Read More »

What Are The Best Types Of Pearls For Evenings And Occasions?


Pearls can be used at any time of the day whether at night or in morning time. It fits perfectly with different styles of clothes. We will know the secrets ... Read More »

The 10 Most Expensive Wedding Rings In The World


The celebrity star Paris Hilton made it to the head lines of the newspapers being at the top list by having one of the ten most expensive wedding rings in ... Read More »

Ancient Egyptian’s Jewels And The History Of Jewelry


What is jewelry Nowadays jewelry is one of the pieces that are indispensable, but have we ever thought about the history of these jewelry and what were they called? That’s ... Read More »