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Steps To Take When Buying Loose Gemstones

The following tips will help you to choose the best gemstones: The first step to take when buying loose gemstones for sale is to decide on the color(s) that you ... Read More »

5 CRITICAL Tips Before Buying Cheap Men’s Jewelry PLUS Most Popular Designs of 2012

Titanium steel wedding ring lovers jewelry Classic purple

Today, the cheap mens jewelry on the market will allow you to spend less for high-quality pieces. Even though jewelry has been associated with women for many years, the styles ... Read More »

The 5 Worst Effects of Cheap Indian and Chinese Jewelry Accessories

jewelry containing high levels of the toxic metal cadmium

The European union decided prohibit trading with the Indian jewelry and Chinese jewelry because they contain materials causing cancer. These jewelry are significantly found in many markets, because of the ... Read More »

How to Differentiate Between Fake and Original Jewelry

Fake Jewelry, Emitations

copied jewelry designed by “Robert Lee Morris” and “Christian Dior” becoming very popular nowadays, and they started to be used in special occasions like weddings. You can use these jewelry ... Read More »

Accessorize Your Swimwear With Beach Jewelry


Enough to feel comfortable, calm and purity just to look at the forms and the designs of beach jewelry because it is inspired by beautiful beaches, sea life and the colors ... Read More »

What NO One Told You About Natural Gemstones

precious gemstone

Moss’s scale of hardness. It is used to refer to the ability of the gemstone to resist scratches. Some metals are tested by checking the ability of a hard material ... Read More »

The 32 Most Elegant Genuine Ruby Rings For Women 2013

BIG gold real diamond and ruby ring

If you want a ring that can give your hand a gracious look, you should definitely consider the genuine ruby rings. These rings are the preferred choice for most women ... Read More »

How to Choose Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom with Most Popular Designs

turquoise wedding rings for women

The bride’s ring is one of the most important things that accompany her for the rest of her life to remind you with this happy occasion, so you have to ... Read More »

Best Ways for Pearls Care at Home


Pearls used nowadays are considered artificial, although these kinds of pearls have firm paint layers, but they are breakable more than other gemstones. In other words they need more care. ... Read More »

The 15 Most Popular Sterling Silver Money Clips for 2013

Are you looking for an alternative way to carry your cash instead of going around with a bulky wallet? If yes, you might want to opt for one of the ... Read More »