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The Most Expensive Diamond Rings


The most expensive diamond ring in the whole world

This ring is made in china to be the most expensive ring on earth. The united states bought it for 89.0000 million US dollars


Diamond ring inside a cocktail glass

The most expensive cocktail glass in the world the price of the cup reached 15.250 sterling.

As the proverb said cut your coat according to your cloth and the old words that said man does not attain all his heart’s desires and we do not want to go very far from our topic. Now we will go back to the cocktail glass that is considered the most expensive in the whole world. The glass contains a diamond ring instead of olives that is put at the top of the glass. Another thing to be mentioned is that the name of the man who had the idea of the cocktail glass is Harvey Nickels in Manchester city. When the cocktail is served to clients in restaurants it is usually accompanied with security guards not for him but for the glass containing a 18 carat diamond ring and this glass has a 6.5 carat of pink tourmaline. The idea of the cocktail glass was the idea of the24 year old Jay Mallek and the employees of the restaurant to be the strangest idea in the surrounding areas. Jay has ordered a creation of a cocktail drinking glass suits dinner in the wonderful restaurant. The restaurant has been prepared by all the possible security means and surrounded with guards so that clients can choose the cocktail glass that contains the diamond ring they desire and the most expensive glass or the most expensive ring at the restaurant that worth 27.000 sterling.


A ring costs1.3 million dollars

(Kiev, Ukraine) Guinness world record is loaded with the strangest and the most expensive things around the world. That’s why a jewelry exhibition has made a world record by displaying a diamond ring consisting of 2.500 diamond beads and that is the largest set of diamonds put in a ring in the whole world before. This advantage made the ring combine between excessive price, strangeness and beauty at the same time. The price of the ring reached 1.3 million dollars and the diamonds weighs 10.48 carat. The ring was known as “ Tsarevna Swan ”


The most expensive diamond and the most expensive ring in the world

It is the chopard blue diamond ring. It has the most expensive 18 carat blue ring in the whole world. The ring is made of white gold embedded with blue diamond which is the most expensive diamond ever. In 2009 the ring was estimated to be sold by 16.26 million dollars. A man in charge of chopard said that at the present times the ring exceeds 18 million dollars.


Evanka trump ring

It is a 2 million dollar ring. Evanka did everything for Jared Kushner and Kushner presented her a platinum ring with a diamond stone weighs 5.22 carat. we can pay 10% of the debts of a Caribbean island which is Anguilla using only the price of this ring.


Cathrine zeta jones’s ring

The ring worth 2.5 million dollars. It has a10 carat large stone in the middle surrounded by a group of 28 smaller stones. Michael Douglas and cathrine could have used the same amount of money to buy all available lands in Nauru island.


Maria carry’s ring

It is a 2 million dollar ring. It’s made of a square pink stone in the middle of the ring. It’s a 17 carat stone surrounded by 58 smaller stones and two other ones taking the shape of half moon on each side of the ring. Using the money paid for the ring Maria carrie can pay more than half the debts of a city called Wallis.



The ring cost 5 million dollars. It has a diamond stone weighs 18 carat. Beyoncee has two copies of the same ring one is fake so that she can put it in public events and parties, The fake ring costs 5000 dollars . The price of the ring can pay off half the debts of kinya according to the estimates of 1999.

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