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Top 10 Most Unique and Funny Wedding Cake Toppers 2015

Couples looking for a unique wedding seek to grant their guests a memorable wedding party. Location, costumes, accessories and food are the major agents they play with. The most important element in the wedding and the one that takes a good deal of time to prepare for is the cake. With a strange topping you can add an element of fun for them to gossip about later.

10- The Clayphory Toppers

Made by Clayphory, the toppers are following different creative ideas like the geek pride and groom or the ones with diving customs, others are bookish and got their books on the wedding day! The best is the the one that followed the Twilight example, with Bella and Edwards on top of your cake.

9- The Wedding Star Topper

You can call the Wedding Star to ask for a topping made specifically for you, you do not have to choose between the patterns they exhibit simply because every one of them is handmade. As such you can choose the theme you like to express on the top of the cake. Like these couple who are showing their love of basketball.

8- Indigo Twin Toppers

Made completely of clay, and handmade still, the Aqua Kissing Fish Wedding Cake Topper is one of the creative ideas of Indigo Twin. If you are thinking of making your wedding on the beach, this topping will absolutely fall in line specifically with the bubbles floating above.

7- Builders Studio Topper

A crazy idea offered by Builders Studio, the one they called My Elegant Robot. It is important to mention that the idea was inspired by sci-fi fantasies. The bride and groom both are robotic figures in what looks like a metal material. Très chic!

6- The Proverbial Daisies Toppers

Unlike the previous toppings, this one is made like a pattern that everyone can tailor to his personal specifics. With the titles Mr & Mrs, you and your partner can add your initials or even your names and wedding dates.

5- Air Castle Toppers

Now, if you are about to marry and you want a funny touch to the wedding just call the Air Castle. The bride and groom are ewe and ram figures but the female partner is the one featured in the cake’s name. I Love Ewe Custom Keepsake Wedding Cake could be customized for your own needs by the producers.

4- Figs + Ginger

Figs + Ginger are encouraging couples to invest in their toppers. The idea is practical with the silhouette of boy and girl; the couple could put their pictures as kids. Moreover, they can keep it to be used in future cakes of their marriage anniversaries. And if you can say that I had this topper since my wedding, I guess it deserves its money!

3- Ann Wood Handmade Topper

Ann Wood store specializes in handmade artifacts made of cardboard boxes, paper and “discarded things” according to their website. These artifacts include toys, kitchenware and cake toppers. So couples in love of birds will find their desired cuties from the Ann Wood Handmade made of clay.

2- Better Off Wed & Miss Cake Toppers

Following the silhouette topper above, Better Off is making one for your kids to show. The titles “Mr & Mrs” could be added to your name during your wedding and on the Christmas tree afterwards. The Miss Cake, has an innovative idea as well. Instead of putting small figurines for the couple as the tradition went; they are adding your title preceded by Mr and Mrs.

1- Creative Butterfly XOX Topper

Now is good of a time to think of something creepy. Since everyone enjoys romance, and since we have added Bella and Edward figurines in the very end of the list, the horror figures of Zombie movies would be more fun to top the list. Creative Butterfly imitates the Japanese show Zombie Kikeshi Anime while painting it by hand for you.

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