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12 Cool Hello Kitty Necklaces You’ll Never Forget

Hello Kitty things like Hello Kitty Bestfriend Necklaces are a young girl’s most coveted things. The tamed face and cute pink colors made little girls just love Hello Kitty so much. Some of these girls never outgrew their love for this charming cat even when they turn to be reliable adults. Hello Kitty is just a great character that is worthy is an institution in which each girl gets at least a single piece in her closet.

Hello Kitty Bestfriend Necklaces binds two girlfriends together wherever they go. Typically, young girls develop such a deep friendship with the first girl who they befriended during their early years in school. They probably would want their friendship to last by exchanging symbolic things which they both love. This history can make a meaningful vow and a bond that will bring nostalgic memories later on in their lives. Hello Kitty Bestfriend Necklaces is both girly and worth to bond friendships with.

Why girls love hello Kitty:

Although hello Kitty is first tailored for young girls, it has now broadened its consumers up to adult age. Girls, even if they have grown into an adult just cannot get enough of her.

The reason why hello Kitty is well-loved by women is that she portrayed a very nice and perfect role as a toon character. She likes cooking and she loves to do it. She loves her sister Mimi. She got lots of friends. She sports a cute and clean face. And who cannot adore her pink outfit? Girls love pink. Having hello Kitty wear pink dress most of the time is a big advantage to the character. Actually, baby pink color is associated with Hello Kitty now.

Who Really Is Hello Kitty?

She was first conceived by Japanese company named Sanrio. Yuko Shimizu gave her life and brought her to the world. Unlike what is popularly known, Hello Kitty has a red bow ribbon, not pink. Her first name was Kitty White and is a Japanese Bobtail Cat.

The first item where Hello Kitty appeared is on a vinyl coin purse in Japan in 1974. Her line was then brought to the United States on 1796. Since then, Hello Kitty truly conquered the world. Her Sanrio family gained $1 in 2003, which only signifies that Hello Kitty is in the heart and mind of most young girls even those who are adults.

Popular styles:

Hello Kitty Necklaces comes in different variation. All have Hello Kitty faces on them.

As the word best friend implies, it involves two girlfriends who wants to have a friendly symbolism. This is why most Hello Kitty Bestfriend Necklaces comes in two. However, there are also identical necklaces which can be shared by three best friends and so on.

A broken heart shape necklace with the pendant to be given to each girlfriend is the most popular style. The color can be baby pink, baby blue or red. For more mature design and texture, black metal half-heart pendant or sterling silver is used.

Hello Kitty also ventured the vintage look by having an antique detailed pendant with hello Kitty face on the center. For some Fashion forward girls who wanted to get extravagant while maintaining the cuteness of kitty, Hello Kitty Diamond necklaces are made for them. The elegance of diamond stones are embellished all over the white face of Kitty. Black diamond for the eyes and rose colored on the cheeks.

Where to buy:

Hannahbeth at Buzznet, Alibaba.com, Hello Kitty Junkie have so many best friend necklaces to choose from. If you are shopping for cheap Hello Kitty necklaces you can buy at Amazon. They offer very low prices which ranges from $0.41 per piece and onwards if you buy a package of 10 pieces.

Hello Kitty is a young girl’s bestfriend which she may love until she gets older. Sharing one of her well-loved cartoon in jewelry has never been so perfect. Hello Kitty Besrfriend Necklaces are the best gifts to be shared with a friend to make your bonds last even through all your lifetime.

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