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Gold Earrings for Women - Aamzing designs 2013

Latest Gold Earrings Designs 2013

Every woman should have several pairs of earrings in their jewelry collection. With so many gold earrings designs available today, it’s easy for you find the right jewelry to coordinate with all your outfits when you want to look chic and elegant.

Gold earrings are available in different designs and styles, so you need to choose the right ones to match your facial structure and outfits. When shopping, you will find gold earring designs such as hoops, dangles and studs.

Let’s take a closer look at these designs.

Gold Hoops:

These earrings are extremely popular and are suited for almost everyone. Whether you are looking for gold earrings designs for girls or women, you can find hoops in all sizes in both white and yellow gold. Hoop earrings are available in heart shapes to compliment outfits with sweetheart neckline or princess cut; beautiful and trendy two-tone crossover styles and shiny polished hoops which are classics and all time favorites.

When you want earrings for special occasions, you can get the hoops with diamonds and gemstones. The white gold or 10 k and 14 k gold are also great options to consider. If you are on a tight budget, opt for the earrings designs in gold plated silver.


Gold Studs:

Choose the gold studs if you want an elegant mature look. These earrings are available in many different styles and can be studded with plain gold, precious or semi-precious gemstones. The latest gold earring designs feature colored stones and styles that can match your outfits and accentuate your appearance. For instance, gold studs can make your long face look fuller; elongated studs works well for large round face and diamond studs can give you an elegant and chic look.

Gold dangles:

Dangle or long earrings can give your neck an elegant and slimmer look, especially when your hair is styled neatly in a chic hairdo just over the nape of your neck. These earrings can also make a full, round face look a lot thinner. Wearing these earrings to a party or on a special occasion can give you a look that is trendy and elegant. Dangle earrings will catch light really well to emphasize the color of hair, eyes or clothes.

When checking the gold earrings designs catalogue, you will find dangles in plain gold as well as multi-colored precious and semi-precious gemstones. White gold or somber looking yellow gold will go well with your formal outfits. The pearl dangles are elegant and dressy, making them the ideal choice if you are looking for classic designs to wear with most outfits.

Now that you know about some of the designs for gold earrings, it will be easier for you to find styles to match your outfits and personality. The online jewelry stores carry the largest selection of gold earring jewelry. One good example is Buyz Company, where you can find gold earring designs with price ranges which are lower than you can imagine. Buyz company has beautiful gold earrings with diamonds and birthstone accents for every budget and occasion.


Gold Earrings for Women - Aamzing designs 2013



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