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Black Aztec Bangle leather gold plated

Best Bangles Collection

Every woman should have a bangles collection in their jewelry box, be it precious metal, glass, wood, metal or plastic. Bangles are classy fashion accessories which can help to define a woman’s beauty. Whether you want to shop at the local store or one of the online jewelry stores like Charm and Chain Company, you will find different varieties for every occasion.

The following options will help you to choose the right pieces for your bangles collection:

The traditional glass bangles are some of the most popular types and can be found in many colors such as green and red. Over the years, these glass styles have evolved so you can now find designs with embellishments like bead work, metallic, mirrors and glitter. The online retailers have many different types of glass bangles with contemporary designs.

Chain Satin Ribbon Glass Crystal Assorted Colors Gold Plated Bangle

Gold is a timeless and valuable precious metal that is loved by women all over the world. So, if you are going for gold bangles collection you need to add different sizes to match any occasion. You can also add silver and platinum bangles to your jewelry collection. The good thing about choosing bangles that is made from precious metals is that you can find styles which are suited for western and traditional wear. Shopping at charm and Chain will allow you to add precious metal bangles with contemporary designs to your collection if you are going for a sophisticated and classy look.

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Laurel No closure, Slips over wrist Bangle
Black Sunburst Pave crystals, black leather Gold Plated Bangle

For a cool, urban look, the funky ladies bangles will be the ideal option. These bangles normally look good with western clothes and ethnic-fusion. You can find over-size bangles with contemporary designs online in bright colors and materials like plastic or wood.

If you are wearing several different bangles, you should combine the styles carefully. For instance, black bangles paired with gold or other colorful designs can look amazing but wooden bangles with leopard spots might look confusing with colored glass. Even though a glass bangle can look beautiful especially with strands of colors fused together, you have to be careful with your selection.

Bangles could be plain with only rings of gold, plastic or other materials or have interesting shapes and designs with embellishments. These pieces of jewelry are always in fashion, so a large bangles collection with different styles, materials and colors can be useful for many years.

The internet is most convenient place to shop for these fashion accessories, especially when you are looking for unique designs to create an interesting bangles collection. Whether you are going for couture and edgy, flirtatious and fun or chic and simple, Charm and Chain company have great options to satisfy your needs.

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Black Aztec Bangle leather gold plated

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