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The 15 Most Popular Sterling Silver Money Clips for 2013

Are you looking for an alternative way to carry your cash instead of going around with a bulky wallet? If yes, you might want to opt for one of the stylish silver money clips. These clips will keep all your credit cards and money in an organized and secure manner inside a metal contraption that is folded in two. You can also opt to carry a wallet along with a money clip as it can help you to arrange your money based on the denominations of each bill.

Money clips have been around for many years, as a popular accessory for men. However, they are becoming extremely popular with women because of their style, convenience and functionality.

In addition to being functional, the sterling silver money clips offer a unique way to show off your class and style. You will get to own an accessory that will give you a smart and stylish look. Sterling silver consists of silver and other types of metal. In most cases, this precious metal is mixed with copper for ductility and durability. When silver is combined with copper, the precious metal will get added strength without compromising on the beauty.

Square silver money clip fully engraved with western style silver

Silver money clips for men come in many different designs. So, you can easily find one to suit your unique personality and style. Some of the designs are simple, whilst others feature intricate details. If you want, you can also personalize your money clip with your name, initials and other embellishments to match your taste. In addition, they are available in different sizes including thin and thick styles.

If you decide to get one of the sterling silver money clips men, you can find them at the local boutiques and department stores. Many online stores also carry a wide selection of money clips. There are certain websites like Novica Company which carries stylish and good quality money clips for everyone. Shopping at Novica.com will give you a chance to own beautiful, award winning jewelry pieces from renowned artisans. Apart from the silver money clips, this online store has one of the largest collections of handcrafted jewelry which includes turquoise, pearl and unique silver treasures.

You can buy these clips for personal use or as gifts for your family and friends. Considering all the benefits that money clips has to offer, they will make exceptional and timeless gift items. Anyone will appreciate this kind of gift, regardless of their personality and style. Get silver money clips today if you want to show off your uniqueness and stand out from others.


Silver plated engraved money clip comes in a handy presentation box


Silver Fashion Stainless Steel Money Clips Christmas Gift


Regency Two tone silver money clip


Mr and Mrs Wedding Monogram Silver Plated Money Clip


Money Clip - Silver Engine Turned with Enamel Skull


GUCCI money clip


finely crafted Sterling Silver Money Clip


Elegant Greek Mens Money Clip Silver


Wisconsin Badgers two Toned Silver Trillium Money Clip



Sterling Silver Image Case Money Clip


Sterling Silver Fingerprint Money Clip


Star Wars Darth Vader Money Clip


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