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Hottest 14 Designs Of Fallon jewelry Coming True

Fallon Jewelry is an elaborately designed ornament collections that has a very affordable price. It is an imitative jewelry that showcases different styles and themes in fashion. The designs are fresh, young and punk. With the varying materials it is made of- bronze, silver, gold, stones and even plastics, it surely is a big thing to wear. Fallon jewelry is very versatile and goes well with every mood, personality and occasion.

The story behind Fallon jewelry

Dana Lorenz is the brain behind the genius creation of Fallon jewelry. In 2007, Fallon is created as the successor of her victory in Fenton collection. It is a cheaper counterpart of her first work. Her artistic prowess made Fallon jewelry as one of editors’ favorite hot-picks in fashion magazines. She occasionally collaborates with designers of clothing collections for runway shows like Proenza Schouler and also Thakoon. From time to time, she makes limited editions for her retailers like J. Crew and Opening Ceremony.

In September Fashion week New York of 2009, the first store outlet of Fenton Fallon jewelry was opened. It was conveniently located at the Freeman Alley, Lower Eastside, New York City. The outlet has both collections including her limited editions for retailers, Hollywood stars and stylists. She even integrated some of her vintage clothing collections with 80’s and 90’s theme.

In the spring of 2011, Fallon jewelry for men was given birth. Lorenz worked together with the fashion designer for men’s ready-to-wear clothing Tim Hamilton. The designs they made are metallic, simple chains with strong features and very modern. It soon became a hit for men who wanted to have funky and hippy look.

Advantages of Fallon jewelry

  1. Best for layering. Combining bling blings with simple clothing is hot this season. Several pieces can be layered to increase action when you groove. This look is best for funky rapper ensemble. It creates a very current fashion statement.
  2. Shines in the dark. Even if Fallon jewelry is an imitative collection, the luster is still there. This feature makes it best for night dance parties. It surely gives an impressive shinny number.
  3. Elaborate. Each piece has its own elaborate character. The Fallon bangles and necklaces are intricately designed with complicated characters around them like labyrinths and serpents. Fallon rings are placed over one or two fingers because of the bulky metallic design. Fallon earrings are often highly structured like the combination of stone with spikes and thorny protrusion details. It gives a killer look to any bare clothing.
  4. Modern design. If you have clothes with old fashion designs, blending them with the modern chic of Fallon will make them look “in” for the season. This can also make you save your money from buying currently styled clothes which often costs a lot.
  5. Pieces can be engraved. The metals used for Fallon jewelry is engravable with names and identifications. If you wish to give it as a gift for remembrance, you can have your message engraved on it.
  6. Accessory ID. You can have pieces with your name as the pendant on the necklace chain or on the ring for personalized appeal.
  7. Cheap. It is very affordable even for teens. Want to do layering? No problem! Fallon’s affordability gives you options where you can choose to wear it singly or layering several pieces.

Where to find Fallon jewelry:

You can shop at Amazon where you can find the most recent pieces. They have a quick delivery or return scheme for wrongly sent pieces. They provide sites of several stores which are also having sale on several Fallon items.

If you want to have a recent and youthfully funky look, find accessories that are hot for the season like Fallon jewelry. It is a perfect collection for young wearers. With a much affordable price compared to other jewelries of same form, you will be able to layer several pieces even with a meager budget. Fallon jewelry gives the right updated fashion at a right price.

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