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18 Surprising Chan Luu Jewelry Designs

Chan Luu bracelets are simple yet very provocative adornments. If a bare dress is worn without accessories, it is like a cake without an icing. Accessorizing makes your simple dress standout from the mediocre. Basic dressing should be matched with appropriate ornaments such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belts and other accessories to make a dashing statement. Chan Luu bracelets give just the right touch of style to your apparel.

Brief history:

Chan Luu originally comes from Vietnam. She migrated later to the US particularly in Boston. Then, she finally moved to Los Angeles where she gained a degree in Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute on 1975. By 1982, she was able to open her own boutique. It was in the year 1996 when she began designing accessories which captured the attention of a lot of Hollywood stars.

Her accessories’ designs are based on nature, different cultures and natural social environment. She uses semiprecious stones, beads and even cloth to assemble a striking piece of ornament. The results of her artistic experiment have proven to be beyond the common styles found in current fashion.

Popular styles:

Chan Luu bracelets have different styles and themes to choose from. Each style has a character which matches every occasion and every mood. The following are the most popular styles available in the market today:

  • Pacific blues. These are made up of different hues of blues, browns, whites and crystal clear beads. It characterizes the breezy ocean water and the sandy shores. The blue Chan Luu wrap bracelets can be combined with Chan Luu necklace to make a complete true pacific feel. Chan Luu bracelets for men are made with brown, sandy and blue beads. It makes a very masculine statement with casual look.
  • Colorful combinations. This collection is made up of many colorful beads in a single bracelet. The colors are well-arranged according to the intensity of their hues. They are also arranged in a color-compatible manner.
  • Smokey. This is composed of smoky browns and hazy white beads. The combination made a simple yet interesting effect on any casual apparel. The blending of the smoky colors creates a subtle statement to a dress.
  • Abalone. These accessories are composed of oranges, deep yellow, light browns, silvery and solid white beads. This collection really describes the color of abalone. The combination of the pacified brown colors and the vibrancy of the oranges and yellows make a contrasting effect that looks really good.
  • Summer haze. This Chan Luu bracelets collection is like a combination of pacific and abalone. The mixing of blues and oranges is like the blending of the ocean water and sunshine. It is such a fresh combination of accessories that you seldom see this type of styling mishmash.
  • Native inspired. It is composed of bright-colored beads combination. The beads that lined it are also chosen to be very colorful like an ethnic liveliness. It gives an exclamation statement to a simple dress.
  • Rustic summer. The color combinations are composed of oranges, reds, blacks and whites. You can combine these colors according to your taste. The beads are lined with bright orange string.
  • Grey tones. Typically, this collection is for men. The beads are larger and the strings are thicker to make a masculine appeal. You can wear it as single bracelet on wrist or you can also combine smaller grey-toned bracelets for more complex style.
  • Birth stone collection. These accessories make your birth stone very wearable even in casual events. The single-lined stones are simple yet colorful ornaments. It showcases the gem of the month you are born with. You can wear it as a single bracelet or you can combine it also with other bracelets from other collection.

Wearing Tips:

Chan Luu bracelets are very simple. Combining several bracelets and necklaces altogether gives a more interesting effect on your apparel. To bright up a basic T-shirt, tank or a simple dress, Chan Luu bracelets fix just a right taste to any casual clothing.

Where to buy:

You can order online at Amazon. They are accepting domestic and international orders. All orders, either domestic or international, have free shipment scheme.

You can also check other sites for Chan Luu bracelets sale. Other sites selling cheap Chan Luu bracelets are and eBay.

Chan Luu accessories are simple and chic. You can wear them in many combinations to make a very complex ornament. You can also wear it in single file for more laid back account. You can be as outrageous or as simple with Chan Luu.

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