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Learn The Language Of Jewelry

Every person has his character, designs, and stones

Napoleon was famous for his delicate taste and high sensations, he knew how to attract women with the most beautiful jewelry gifts, the most famous one was Josephine, his eternal beloved.

Napoleon was certain that jewelry is woman’s weak point and there is some sort of connection between them. A passion connected to her female instinct, and this passion has roots in history from thousands of years ago.

At the stone age women used to wear rings of metal and bones. Almost in every woman’s history this relationship starts from her early age. Little girls spoil themselves with jewelry.

Jewelry also reflect women’s elegance and character. At the first appropriate occasion she wants to have a special jewelry whether it is made of whit gold, diamond, or gemstones. The problem is that most of them wear too much jewelry, and they appear in an inappropriate way instead of having elegant look. So experts advice you to choose what fits you the most, starting from your weight, character, and personality. Experts add “it is not an easy task to do” and the smallest mistake could affect your overall look making your jewelry loose its value. So at the beginning you should determine your style to be able to create balance between your clothes and your jewelry and taking care for the smallest detail.

For example long necklaces are suitable for short necks. While girls with short hands can have simple and smooth collections.

For the rings, choose the simple ring if your fingers are short because the large rings make your fingers look more short and it will not fit you. The oval stones gives your finger more length. If you have long fingers then do not choose rings with small stones.

You also shouldn’t use jewelry and accessories specially if they have different styles because it will reflect an inappropriate look. This rule also go with bracelets, you shouldn’t combine white gold, diamond and gold. You shouldn’t forget the role of the brooch on your simple and plain clothes. You should know how to make use of brooches to add a glare to your over all look. In case your brooch is embedded with diamond and have many decorations, you can use it on your official one color clothes.

In case it is big, use it to close you open collar. If it is embedded with diamond, you can use it on elegant classic dresses specially the black ones, but at any case you can not use it on leather coats.

Take care of your jewelry and don’t place them in one bag because they could be scratched.

Put your jewelry in a special box.

Make sure that you buy velvet boxes specially for jewelry embedded with stones and diamond.

And don’t forget to keep all your moisturizing creams, skin cleansers, and perfumes away from your jewelry because they might be worn out.

Learn the meanings of gemstones’ names

Diamond: is the most precious gemstones and it symbolizes love, power, and purity.

Emerald stones: Cleopatra used to wear it and it stands for memory power, and its owner has an enormous attraction.

Lazord: stand for good luck.

Garnet: symbolizes stability and rest.

Pearl: reflects health and beauty.

Ruby: symbolizes purity and wisdom.

Turquoise: reflects success, power and control.

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