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Best Platinum Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Designs

A princess cut diamond engagement ring always look great in white gold setting. Traditionally, these gemstones are combined with sterling silver, silver, platinum or light gold to give a breathtaking design. Although the yellow gold will always be in fashion, they will not become as popular as the platinum princess cut diamond engagement rings which are in strong demand today.

Princess cut platinum diamond engagement rings are usually cheaper than asscher cut, brilliant cuts or other shapes, but will still look beautiful. The princess cut diamonds is relatively new in the jewelry industry, but they have a unique shape which makes them extremely popular.

One of the main reasons why stores like Diamonds-USA Company will sell princess cut engagement rings much cheaper than their counterparts is because they will retain roughly 80% of the original gemstone weight. With these diamond cuts, expert cutters and designers can effectively hide flaws like gas bubbles. Due to their unique shape, there are many different designs available for buyers to choose from. The trilogy ring is one of the most popular designs.

The princess cut platinum diamond rings with a trilogy design is very romantic with a story behind it. This ring has three gemstones set in a row, with the main one being the largest. These gemstones will represent the couples future, present and past. As of such, the trilogy ring is the ultimate celebration of romance, love, family, togetherness and eternity.

Essentially, the largest gemstone on platinum princess cut diamond engagement rings will represent the present. When someone presents this trilogy ring, they are being romantic by bequeathing their past, present and future. For this reason, these gemstones on platinum setting always make remarkable gift items.

So, if the sparkle and the beauty of the brilliant round cuts appeal to you but you really want the platinum with its stunning elegance and sleek simplicity without the high costs, the princess cut diamond ring set in white gold will be the ideal choice.

When you are ready to shop, you can find the perfect princess cut diamond rings at Diamonds-USA Company. This store has a wide variety of princess cut diamonds with brilliantly styled shapes with uncut, sharp corners. With 76 facets giving this diamond more fire and beauty than the brilliant round cuts, you cannot ask for a better engagement ring.

Overall, the growing popularity of the platinum princess cut diamond engagement rings are also due to the fact that it’s hard to differentiate the light gold from the platinum. The two precious metals will look the same, so the light colored gold will be a good option to consider if you are unable to afford the platinum diamond cuts which usually cost a bit more.

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