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The 23 Coolest Elizabeth and James Jewelry Designs

Animal-inspired and fine quality, Elizabeth and James Jewelry keeps up its popularity. The collection has exceptional designs of animal parts like claws, antlers, beaks and horns. Their favorite characters are birds and snakes but they also use other zoological inspirations like lizard, deer, fox and other wild animals to make their craft wonderfully unique from the rest. This jewelry brand has a certain air of strength and softness around it. The women’s jewelry collection is not totally sensual and feminine. It is a concoction of power, resilience coined with femininity. Its one-of-a-kind character made it so popular. Elizabeth and James jewelry combines the best attributes of animal prowess, femininity and masculinity in every piece of their creation.

About the company:

Twin actresses Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen are the authors of Elizabeth and James jewelry. Even at a very young age, they became so successful in several brands of apparel they created like The Row, Olsenboye for J.C. Penny, StyleMint T-shirt collection and TEXTILE Elizabeth and James. The jewelry line is a growth expansion of their fashionable high-end line of apparel Elizabeth and James. This fashionable line carries clothes, bags, shoes, sunglasses and now, jewelry. It provides everything you need to get power-dressed up.

Elizabeth and James jewelry really started as a partnership in design with Robert Lee Morris. He is a silver jewelry designer whose designs are well-known to be nature-inspired. In the spring of 2010, Ashley and Mary Kate took a complete hold on designing. The designs they made became well-loved by a lot of Hollywood stars. The creations are even published in popular fashion magazines like Vogue, InStyle and Real Simple.

About the designs:

Since Elizabeth and James jewelry are animal inspired ornaments, you can see the imprints of animal parts in every piece.

Elizabeth and James rings are made of 18 carat gold-pleated sterling silver with stone-studded designs. One of the popular collections is the saddle ring collection. It is composed with Black Sapphire Sterling Silver Knuckle ring and the 18k Gold-pleated knuckle ring. Some equally popular styles are Architecture Silver Cube White Topaz Ring, Puck’s garden which comes in Rose Gold, Silver Wasp and 18K Gold Wasp. There is also Thorn Large Ring Collection in Sterling silver and 18K gold white sapphire. The big Carnelian Orange ring really gives an awesome look.

Elizabeth and James earrings often come as matching set pieces of the rings. It also has a thorn collection, saddle collection, wasp collection, eclipse collection and architecture collection. All have shinny finish in gold, silver and rose hues. Some have stone studs to sparkle and to accentuate the metallic surface.

Elizabeth and James bracelets and cuffs are shinny and sturdy. The personalities that these pieces portray are strong, self-assured but cool. These pieces of jewelry are best for corporate settings to night dinners. The durable metallic materials used for these jewelries made them so sturdy that it can last for a very long time.

Famous models of Elizabeth and James bracelets and cuffs are Eclipse series of silver and gold pleated bracelets and Eclipse Multi-Stone Blue Hinge cuff. Other favorite styles are the Saddle series collection Sterling Silver and 23K Gold Pleated Hinge Matte Onyx and the Silver and Black Hinge Cuff from Fox Collection.

Where to buy:

There are a lot of retailers across the US which carries the Elizabeth and James jewelry collection. You just have to check your local directory to locate stores within your vicinity or you can go online. One site where you can check is Amazon store. Elizabeth-and-James-Jewelry, where they offer so many varieties of charming pieces.

Every piece of jewelry has its own personality. If you want to make a strong statement in your apparel, accentuate it with Elizabeth and James jewelry. These pieces are made of top quality materials which makes it so charming, strong, lustrous and durable. The designs are so unique and animalistic infused in smooth silhouette. No wonder that the finished creations exude confidence and strength.

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