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Amazing Engagement Rings With Colored Gemstones

Wearing a ring with a colored stone like ruby, emerald or tourmaline is like telling the world that you have a fashion-forward sensibility. It is recommended to select a stone with significance to you. You can choose your or your fiance’s birthstone or the stone of your favorite color, or the one which give special meaning to you as individual or to you both as a couple.

Choosing your gemstone according to your month:

  • January- garnet
  • February- amethyst
  • March- aquamarine
  • April- diamond
  • May- emerald
  • June- pearl
  • July- ruby
  • August- Peridot
  • September- sapphire
  • October- opal/tourmaline
  • November- topaz/citrine
  • December- turquoise/blue topaz/zircon


The benefit of buying rings with colored gemstones is the cost. Couples can get a “current, modern look for a lower price” with a colored gemstone center instead of a diamond, says Flude. On the other hand, “rubies and sapphires are excellent choices for center stones. Both stones are tougher than diamonds, meaning they are less susceptible to chips than diamonds,” says Flude.

The meaning of various gemstones:

  • Jade- the highest level of preciousness.
  • Garnet- facilitates loyalty and commitment.
  • Pearl- innocence, purity, clear vision and wisdom.


  • Amethyst- spiritual contentment.
  • Citrine- pure, brings happiness and laughter.

Caution: when choosing a colored gemstone: “Some gemstones, such as emeralds, are softer than diamonds and should be worn with care,” recommends Flude.



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