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Double baby name necklace
Double baby name necklace

33 Amazing Designs Of Baby Necklaces

Baby necklaces are the ideal jewelry for mothers who want to cherish their baby’s love by wearing their names close to the heart. Giving a mother this kind of gift will allow her to own a timeless piece of jewelry. There are certainly no words that can describe the love that a mother will have for your child, so this gift will be really appreciated.

You can find baby name necklace in silver and gold with precious and semi precious birthstones. These necklaces are lovely accents which can become family heirlooms which are passed down to many generations. Read to find out what the silver and gold represents in these necklaces.

Let’s start with the gold necklaces which represent deep passions. The gold necklace for baby will be perfect for mothers who love sunshine and have a sunny, warm nature. The preferred choices are 24 karat gold necklaces with circles to represent the family unit on a 14 karat gold chain with precious birthstone accents. A 14 karat gold filled charm with names can be added to the chain to celebrate each additional birth.

Baby name necklaces with 22 karat gold and silver accents can harmonize day and night. The 14 karat gold chain would feature a circular charm with fine silver at the back and 22 karat gold at the front. The name of the baby can be engraved on the front and the birth date added to the back.

Now, the silver baby necklaces represent pure love. A sterling silver necklace will be perfect for mothers who wear mostly silver and loves the strength and simplicity that this metal represent. The personalized and handcrafted necklaces will offer a gift that is unique and one-of-a-kind. Silver charms could be added to the design to offer a rippling quality. For the finishing touch, beautiful birthstones such as garnets, emeralds, rubies, pearls, diamonds and other gems can be added to the necklace.

Another option to consider would be necklaces for kids with handcrafted heart shaped pendant in fine silver setting. The baby’s name can be etched on the face along with gorgeous fresh water pearl accents to symbolize a nurturing mother. Besides that, a simple adornment of small fine silver charm with engraved name and a tiny heart accent can be added to the necklace. This necklace design will be really appealing since extra charms can easily be added later for other kids.

These are just some of the options to consider when choosing baby necklaces, whether in gold or silver setting. BodyCandy Company has some great necklaces for baby. Regardless of your style or budget, you can find the ideal baby name necklaces to suit your requirements. Body Candy offers choices such as sterling silver baby sentimental expressions necklaces and much more.

baby cute gingerbread girl necklace
Baby Buddha Necklace
Baby Bee Necklace
Aluminum or Copper Name Necklace for Babies
“Lucky Mommy” Baby Necklace
Tatty Teddy Silver baby necklace
Sterling Silver Teddy Necklace for Children
Silver Sterling Clasp Central medal with baby Boy engraved nacklace
silver diamante necklace for kids
Silver Baby Heart Necklace
Shiny Matte Silver Baby Name Necklace
Pink Barbie Baby Name Necklace
Maiyet Natural Horn Multi Baby Fish Pendant Necklace
Maiyet Gold and White Bone Single Fish Baby Pendant
Lovelinks Circular Swarovski Heart Pendant Baby Necklace
Kit Health Heart Necklace for Kids
Jennifer Bell children’s new Korean girls pink bow necklace
Heart necklace for baby
Hand stamped Sterling Silver Baby Name Necklace
Hand Stamped New Sterling Silver Baby Name Necklace
Gold Bobo Style Baby Name Necklace
Gold and Turquoise Baby Neptune Necklace
Gold and Crystal Baby Neptune Necklace
Double baby name necklace
Double baby name necklace
Cute Kissing Kids in a heart necklace
Bomb Baby Necklace
Baby Neptune Gold and Pink Necklace
Baby Feet Necklace
baby faceted heart shaped necklace
baby Fab rainbow necklaces multi colour
Yellow Gold Baby Feet Charm Necklace
Gold Baby Bee Necklace

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