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black and red gemstone drop earrings
black and red gemstone drop earrings

The 43 Hottest Gemstone Drop And Stud Earrings Designs for Women

When you are looking for a versatile jewelry, the drop earrings will definitely stand out. The range of styles and colors will make it easy and difficult for you to find the ideal pair. This means that the wide variety will make it easy for you to choose the ideal pair to go with any outfit and difficult because you will have thousands of drop earrings to select from. To help you make the right choice, some information is provided below for gemstone drop earrings.

First of all, the gemstone styles are easily the most luxurious and elegant types of drop earrings today. In addition, these earrings are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. The main styles for drop earrings are chandelier, charms, teardrop and geometric.

What’s more, you can choose drop earrings with any amount of gemstones that you want. There are also different types of gold gemstone drop earrings as well as other metals. When you are shopping for gemstone earrings, you will come across different types of earring design at various prices levels.

The gem stud earrings are also other popular options that you could consider. You can also find the stud earrings in many different shapes including drops and dangles. These attractive gemstone studs are available in many colors. The most popular gemstones are ruby, emerald, opal, jade, topaz, sapphire, diamond, just to name a few.

Whether you are buying drop or stud earrings, you need to choose a gemstone color that can blend perfectly with your skin tone and outfits. The stones with neutral shades will be much easier to match, but shades which blend with similar tones will be more difficult. Below you can find some shades that you can choose from if you are looking for earrings with blue or green gemstones.

Green gemstone earrings:

Emeralds are the most popular gemstones, but you can find other many shades of green. These include green zircon, aventurine, green topaz, moss agate, green garnet, malachite, green diamond, chrome tourmaline, jade, jasper, watermelon tourmaline, tanzanite, opal and peridot.


Blue gemstone earrings:

You can choose deep navy sapphires or pale aquamarine. Regardless of the earrings that you choose, the gemstones will look stunning with shades of purple amethyst, turquoise, sodalite, tanzanite, blue diamonds, sapphires, blue zircon, azurite, blue tourmaline, aquamarine, blue topaz, apatite, blue spinel, opal, blue lace agate, moonstone, Iolite and chrysocolla.

These are just some of the colors that you can choose, as the possibilities are endless when it comes to gemstone earrings. The good news is that you can find all of these gemstones easily online. If you want inexpensive stones and precious metals to create a unique design, then look no further than Bidz Company. When you are shopping on this jewelry auction site, you can choose gemstone drop earrings in any color and setting that you want and still end up with several pairs for less than $100!

View Bidz Company Designs

black and red gemstone drop earrings
black and red gemstone drop earrings
BaubleBar Blue Drop Earrings
Badgley Mischka Blue Topaz Drop Earrings With Diamonds
Amethyst Drop Earrings Set in 14K Yellow Gold
9ct Gold Amethyst Hook Drop Earrings
Zadok Morganite Diamond Drop Earrings
Veneta drop earrings with hand cut madeira citrine red gemstone
Turquoise and Lapis Drop Earrings
Turquoise and Diamond Oval Drop Earrings
Tourmaline gemstone stud earrings
Torquoise Gem Stud earrings
Topaz red gem stud earrings
stylish gemstone earrings that feature a black onyx drop
Stud Earring Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry With Garnet Gemstone
sterling silver and carnelian red gem drop earrings
Smoky Quartz and 14K Yellow Gold Drop Earrings
Silver and Black Onyx Gem Stud Earrings
Semi Mount Diamond Drop Earrings
Sapphire Sparkle Drop Earrings
Rutilated Drop Earrings Rutilated quartz and blackened silver
Precious Green Gemstone drop earrings on almond shape
Precious drop earrings on almond shape
Lilac Oval Amethyst Gemstone Stud Earrings
Large Rainbow Colored Glass Gem Stud Earrings
Green Agate Gemstone Diamond Drop Earrings
Glitz Pink Gemstone Drop Earrings
Gem Stud Earring Trio
Gemstone Garnet and 14k Gold Drop Earrings
Gemstone Drop 14k Gold and Garnet Earrings
Emerald Gems Stud Earrings
ELLE Sterling Silver Crystal Drop Earrings with Signature Ruby Gemstone
Drop Earrings with Onyx Gemstone
DEW DROP earrings sterling silver with black agate
Crowned Gem Stud Earrings In Pink
Crowned Gem Stud Earrings In Black
Crislu Round Cut Ruby Stud Earrings
Cognac Quartz Circle Drop Earrings in 14 Kt. Yellow Gold
Carat Blue Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings
Candy Drop Earrings

Blue Candy Labradorite Single Drop Earrings
Blue Candy Labradorite Oval Double Drop Earrings
black onyx smooth tear drop earrings

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