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15 Unique And Elegant Designs Of Christmas Jewels


Christmas jewellery is a great and unique gift idea to present in this special occasion. Christmas is the time when all people celebrate together and give gifts to each other ... Read More »

Wearing Multicolor Jewels Will Live Up Your Outfit And Uplift Your Mood As Well


Jewelry Set is one of the biggest wish of every women. Due to increasing prices of gold, it is going to be more complicated to afford the Gold Jewellery Sets. ... Read More »

Make Special Gifts For Your Friends with Wire Jewelry

Wire jewelry is very famous with its simple beauty, all of them are handcrafted pieces so you are free to get the shape that you want and get creative with ... Read More »

Spread Heads Caps

Make your daily habits at your home seem funny and enjoyable by breaking the routine. Do something new that makes you feel refreshing. You can enjoy every thing you do ... Read More »

The Forearm Jewelry

When you hear the word “forearm jewelry or arm cuff bracelets” the first one who comes into your mind is ” Cleopatra”. Forearm jewelry is existed since Cleopatra’s time, as ... Read More »

Winter Accessories

Winter season has its own feature that needs different accessories from other seasons of the year. You may dispense with necklaces, bracelets and rings to wear something heavy to add ... Read More »

Barefoot Jewelry

Barefoot jewelry is a sexy and elegant piece that decorate your foot. It looks like sandals but without bottoms or soles. Owning one piece from barefoot jewelry, gives you all ... Read More »

Masquerade Masks


For over 1000 years Venice has lead the world in masquerade masks design and in the past masks were worn only at The Venice Carnival which is the most famous ... Read More »

How To Choose The Right Necklace For Your Dress?


You can add a beautiful touch to your look by selecting the right necklace that suits the time of your occasion and the type of your clothes. Silver necklaces Whether ... Read More »

How To Hide Skin Problems And Wrinkles Using Jewelry?


Did you know that you can hide skin wrinkles using jewelry…. Just as jewelry can highlight your beauty, it can also hide skin problems … let’s go and see Earrings ... Read More »