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Barefoot Jewelry

Barefoot jewelry is a sexy and elegant piece that decorate your foot. It looks like sandals but without bottoms or soles. Owning one piece from barefoot jewelry, gives you all in one. You will find that you have a toe ring, anklet and a foot thong.

You can wear it in many ways with strapped sandals high-heels, flip-flops or barefoot. It also suits all different occasions: the beach, pool parties, wedding, special events, business meeting and even at home. It adds adorable look to your foot and complete your shoes outfit.

It is handcrafted with flexible-stretch jewelry to make you feel comfort while wearing. It is made from different materials like silver, gold, glass and crystal beads, pearls, yarn, knitting and crochet to fit all your clothes styles whatever it was casual, classic, beachwear or soiree.

Also you can make them by your hands, you can design beautiful shapes and decorate them with the material you prefer in any color.


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