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Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry Products

The Forearm Jewelry

When you hear the word “forearm jewelry or arm cuff bracelets” the first one who comes into your mind is ” Cleopatra”. Forearm jewelry is existed since Cleopatra’s time, as …

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The 5 Worst Effects of Cheap Indian and Chinese Jewelry Accessories

jewelry containing high levels of the toxic metal cadmium purchased by The Associated Press at small shops in Los Angeles

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The European union decided prohibit trading with the Indian jewelry and Chinese jewelry because they contain materials causing cancer. These jewelry are significantly found in many markets, because of the …

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How to Differentiate Between Fake and Original Jewelry

copied jewelry designed by “Robert Lee Morris” and “Christian Dior” becoming very popular nowadays, and they started to be used in special occasions like weddings. You can use these jewelry …

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Best Ways to Choose Most Stylish Earrings

Earring is one of the jewelry you can use to give you a glorious look. Although they are pretty small, they have an enormous effect on the person in front …

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The Best Pearls Shapes Suitable For Evenings and Parties

Pearls are put under careful classifications. These classifications are well known among the merchants and experts. These classifications are done according to the quality and the shape of the pearl. …

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Art of Wearing Jewelry for Young Girls

White Gold Diamond Circle Earrings

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Knowing how to wear jewelry is an art, you have to wear it in a studied decorated way whether it is made of gemstones or the traditional jewelry. Avoid wearing …

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Top Women’s Fashion Jewelry Online Stores

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Nowadays, it’s not so difficult to find great quality fashion jewelry stores online. This is because increasingly more stores are now operating on the internet in order to avoid the …

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