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14k White Gold Straight-Line martini Diamond Bracelet
14k White Gold Straight-Line martini Diamond Bracelet

Hot Straight Line Diamond Bracelet Designs

Are you looking for the ideal diamond bracelet for your loved one? If yes, then you might be heard about or come across the tennis bracelets. A tennis bracelet is used in reference to a specific style, called eternity bracelet at one time, with diamonds set individually in a straight line. This straight line diamond bracelet is extremely popular today, so you might want to consider this style for your loved one.

What is the connection between line diamond bracelet and tennis?

During the US Open in 1987, Chris Evert who won 18 Grand Slam titles and is the former number one woman tennis player was wearing one of the lines diamond bracelets when the clasp broke and fell accidentally from her wrist. This caused the match to be suspended while she recovered the diamond bracelet. Ever since this then, the straight line bracelet was called diamond tennis bracelet.

This incident also sparked a brand-new fashion trend as other players such as Serena Williams started to wear diamond tennis bracelets. The design of this bracelet makes it flexible and comfortable enough to wear while playing sports.

At this time, you might be wondering why you should get a straight line diamond bracelet if it’s only worn by tennis players, but this jewelry is not only designed for sportswomen.

Over the years, most people buy the tennis bracelets as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Women also choose this style when they want to make an elegant fashion statement. When you look closely at the design, you will notice that the diamond tennis bracelets can be worn with elegant gowns for formal occasions. In fact, they are not suitable for everyday use.

With a flexible thin chain consisting of diamonds set individually in a single row, the tennis bracelet definitely exudes timeless charm and glamour. In the past, the design resembled a chain charm bracelet with diamonds instead of charms. Today, they are designed specifically as a diamond tennis bracelet with various styles of diamonds set around the diameter in a regular pattern.

You can find a wide selection of jewelry online with many designs for the straight line diamond bracelet. There are shopping sites like Zales.com Company with a large collection of diamond bracelets which ranges from the classic straight line to fancy fashionable bracelets in white and yellow gold.

When you shop at this online jewelry store, you will have more than enough options to choose from including a 14-carat straight line diamond bracelet in sterling silver. This style feature a line of extra large round diamonds set brilliantly in a unique design with lots of sparkles. Your loved one will definitely appreciate this stunning bracelet with the perfect mix of radiance and glamour.