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Privacy Policy

At JewelsGlobe.com, customers are guaranteed outstanding customer service and valuable jewelry. We are fully committed to respect and protect the privacy of all customers. In our efforts to offer the highest level of service, we might collect and retain certain information about service and product preferences, shipping and billing information and dates for special occasions when customers buy gifts. However, we do not sell or lease information under no circumstances to other businesses, plus we enforce and protect the confidentiality of our privacy information. Our Privacy Policy will be explained further below.

For those who visit our website without making a purchase, we collect and maintain the Internet Protocol or IP addresses. The IP addresses cannot be traced to any individual, no other personal details is collected. In the same way, we use that IP address to collect information about the browsing and navigational activities of visitors. Once again, this information will not be connected to any name or personal details but is used exclusively to provide universal demographic data, like the geographic areas for visitors and the browsing patterns of visitors. To fulfill orders placed on JewelsGlobe.com, we collect and save names, addresses, telephone number, email addresses, shipping information, purchase details and billing information.

Currently, we create unique cookie with customer number when items are added to shopping basket while visiting JewelsGlobe.com. Cookies are bits of information stored by web browsers on computer hard drives. This function allows us to keep items in shopping carts until customers complete their purchase. We don’t store any individualized details when we use the cookies.

JewelsGlobe.com and the third parties who offer services related to the website will use the above mentioned information to fulfill orders and provide any services that is related to JewelsGlobe.com or our business operation. These services would include credit risk reduction, fraud protection, payment authorization and processing, order fulfillment, product customization, shipping, data analysis, website evaluation and data cleansing. The third parties providing any of these services will only be authorized to utilize this information in connection to their services.

To improve customer service, JewelsGlobe.com might enhance or change the information in the privacy policy. When we do make changes to our policy, this information will be noted on our website. Our homepage will display a message during the time when the changes are made. Customers might also get an email notification with policy changes. Feel free to refer to our policy before making a purchase.

Please Contact Us if you have further concerns or questions regarding our Privacy Policy.


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