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Brighton Jewelry and Best 15 Designs and Stores

brighton bracelet

When it comes to fashionable trends, Brighton is definitely one of the most renowned brands worldwide. Brighton jewelry collection consists of unique creations which are produced with exquisite details. The jewel pieces are designed to coordinate easily with any style …

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Mizuki Jewelry

Mizuki 14k Earrings Loving Eye Diamond

Are you looking for edgy jewelry with a classic touch? If so, you should check out Mizuki designs. With a combination of precious metals and stones, Mizuki jewelry is offering innovative designs which are sophisticated and trendy. Mizuki, who is …

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Roberto Coin Necklaces


Roberto Coin jewel designs are well-known and loved by many for their unique craftsmanship and the use of trendsetting colors. Whether it’s white, rose or yellow gold or multi-colored gemstones, Robert Coin necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and other jewel pieces …

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Heather B. Moore Jewelry

Heather B. Moore Fun Stamps Yellow Gold Chain 14k Gold Pendant Necklace

Heather B. Moore jewelry is the preferred choice for women who want to jazz up their wardrobe. If you are thinking of getting jewelry for a special someone, you can find extraordinary pieces with unique designs that anyone would want …

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King Baby Jewelry

King Baby Industrial Romance Flat Screw Ring

These days, King Baby jewelry collection has the best gothic jewels in sterling silver. If you are interested in this kind of jewelry, you can find fantastic designs that can give you a rebellious and wild look, especially if you …

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Julieli Jewelry

Julieli Eco Black Ebony with 18k Gold and Pure Silver Diamond Ring

Julieli jewelry is created by Ehud Barlev, an inspiring designer and a classic craftsman. This fine jewelry collection boasts gorgeous pieces which are inspired by the beauty of nature and combines classic understated designs with extraordinary colors. Julieli’s 24, 22 …

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Kevia Jewelry

Kevia Nouveau Gemmed Snowflake Medallion on Natural Horn Earrings

Are you looking for handmade designer jewelry? These days, you can find a wide selection of handmade jewelry on the market, but none can compare to the designs from Kevia, which is one of the most popular brand name. When …

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Gemma Redux Jewelry

Gemma Redux Catherine Earrings

Gemma Redux jewelry collection is created by Rachel Dooley, an American designer. These jewel pieces are ideal for attractive and strong women who want to wear jewelry in a new way. Choose a gorgeous piece of jewelry from this collection …

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Steps To Take When Buying Loose Gemstones

The following tips will help you to choose the best gemstones: The first step to take when buying loose gemstones for sale is to decide on the color(s) that you want. In case you are looking for emerald green gems, …

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Roberto Coin Rings and The Best 23 Designs

Black and White Classica Collection by Roberto Coin, Black and White Diamond

If you are looking for the right jewelry to match your individual attitude and style, you should check Roberto Coin designs. Whether you want jewelry in white or yellow gold, there are many different designs, patterns and styles available to …

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Roberto Coin Earrings and Best 18 Designs

Roberto Coin Fifth Season Black Enamel Silver Mauresque Earrings

Want to find the perfect jewelry gift? If yes, Roberto Coin jewelry collection offers some unique items which are suited for any occasion. You will find many gift items at various jewelry stores, so you will have more than enough …

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Kala Jewelry

Kala Golden Sapphire Pave Bead on Leather Bracelet

Handcrafted jewelry has always enjoyed a special status in the glittering fashion world. Most people love this kind of jewelry because the creations often showcase influences of the designers. When looking for high quality handcrafted jewels, you can consider Kala …

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