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Hottest Fancy Color Diamond Engagement Rings

Most couples are now choosing rings together, so new settings, colors, and cuts are been selected instead of the conventional styles. As of such, the fancy color diamond engagement rings are more valuable and expensive than the traditional colorless and flawless stones. The value of a colored diamond is determined by several factors such as natural perfection, color intensity, and hue as well as the rarity of the gemstone.

It is said that the fancy color diamond rings are emerging as the latest trend because brides are having more input in their choice of engagement ring. What’s interesting is that the cost for colored diamonds has been known to rival their true beauty. But, thankfully couples are able to get their dream engagement ring with colored diamond for affordable prices because of scientific processes.

According to reports, scientists are able to use those processes to create real diamonds with size up to 2 carats in a laboratory. In addition, they can modify the chemical composition to create diamonds in nearly every color such as white, blue, cognac, red and yellow-green.

Scientists can also use an interesting component in the form of a personal carbon source like hair to develop diamond. When the diamond is created naturally, the carbon would come from the earth. This means that brides and grooms can now send hair clippings for these scientists to use in a process with high heat and pressure to create personalized fancy colored engagement rings. It would then take 70 days or maybe less for the couples to get their unique customized diamond rings with the exact color, size and cut that they want.

The value and quality of fancy colored diamond engagement rings are determined by different criteria. Generally all diamonds, regardless of the hue, would get graded by the carat weight, cut, clarity and color. When it comes to the fancy colored diamonds, naturally the color will be the most important factor to consider when determining the quality. Three elements of the diamond will play an important role when evaluating the overall value, which is the specific color hue, the intensity, and consistency.

Essentially, the diamond with deeper colors will be valued more. Beautiful fancy color diamond engagement rings will shine brightly with bold colors which are consistent and are not affected by gradients or any other variation. But, the flaws will be more obvious in the colored diamonds than the colorless tones since they can’t be mistaken as light refractions.

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