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Gypsy Jewelry: Great Combination of Elements With Inventive Drama

Gypsy Jewelry shows a dramatic ensemble of ethnicity, antiqueness and resourcefulness. Derived from the tribal gypsy theme, these pieces are for the street-smart and inventive personality. Hippy, fun, and inventive are the best attributes of this collection. The color combinations are full of dramatic scenes. If you love to reinvent and recycle, this line of jewelry is for you.

Style overview:

Gypsy style comes from the ethnic Romanian tribe which travels around Europe. This tribe is believed to have originated from India. No wonder that Gypsy jewelry is closely associated with the colorful Indian culture. As a tribe in constant travel, the gypsies made use of things they see along the way. It can be from nature, or from a stranger they have met along the way. They combine the ornaments in massive dangling exhibit that it creates sound when they move around. They also practice layering of jewelries in a very showy kind of way.

Gypsy jewelry is a combination of metals, feathers, beads, seeds, stones and copper. Two or more of these elements are combined together to make an incredible piece of ornament. Usually, a dash of antiquity is added to make it look truly gypsy.

Advantages of using Gypsy jewelry:

  1. Gypsy jewelry is a colorful collage of elements which can be combined with many colors of clothing. You will not have a hard time pairing them with any of your dresses. A single piece of Gypsy hoop earrings can hold a lot of colorful stones and beads. Combinations of colors will easily mix and match with your casual dress.
  2. Vintage is becoming hot nowadays. The old and tarnished look of gypsy ornaments are in for the season. In gives a new twist in this modern age. Vintage never goes out of style even in cars and clothes. It is even appreciated as time goes on.
  3. It has a laid back attitude. The mishmash of elements makes a fun statement. It never has a boring appearance. It always display happy, flirty and flamboyant attitude. It brightens up your simple clothes or even your cloudy day.
  4. If you are creative and pro-earth, you can bank on that by making Gypsy jewelry. This line is so versatile as well as, eco-friendly. You can make a gypsy-themed ornament with a nickel metal combined with feathers which you just have picked out of a poultry-butcher’s store. You can also have fun along the process of fabricating it. Even if you are not an expert in ornament-making, you can still end up having a charming product by just mixing colors and elements.
  5. Gypsy style is very forgiving in terms of imperfections. Tarnished metal, crooked hoops or missing bead? No problem! That is the gypsy style.


  1. Not suited for highly corporate settings. It would be so awkward to wear gold Gypsy earrings in a corporate meeting or in an interview.
  2. Antique chains can become so weak. They can easily break even in a slightest movement. You have to check keenly each hoop of chain on vintage necklaces and bead attachments to ensure that they are in good shape. It would be heart-wrecking to lose an antique bead in your jewelry ensemble.
  3. The fun and funky display of Gypsy jewelry may not always be advantageous to you. Depending on the occasion, people around may not take you very seriously because of the appeal or your jewelries.

Buying tips:

  1. Since Gypsy jewelry comes in many color, shapes and material combinations, you have to pick the pieces which compliment your skin color, shape of the face and most importantly, your personality. This style is not for everyone. It involves multi-faceted factors to fit you perfectly.
  2. Check for breakage on hooks, chains, and hoops. As all things grow weaker when they become old, the antiqueness of Gypsy jewelry may be one of its disadvantages.
  3. Buy only in trusted stores. These stores have proven their honesty and quality of their products over time. You will be safe and satisfied when you go and buy to them. Sites online are, gypsycollectiononline, and hktdc.

Jewelries are meant to light up a dress. It makes a dress unique and personalized when your choice of ornaments are added on it. Correct mixture of your attitude and style, powers up your fashion. Gypsy jewelry’s fun, flirty and re-inventive character will make an awesome display for your average dress.

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