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The 21 Best Elle Jewelry Designs - Review

ELLE Jewelry

Elle Jewelry is one of the best designed jewelries available in the market today. Their distinctively sophisticated, sleek and chic design makes any wearer look sassy and up-to-date. A very modern design, Elle jewelry collections spell fresh and prevailing appeal in every piece it creates.

What is Elle Jewelry?

Elle Time and Jewelry is an extension of the ELLE fashion magazine founded by Helene Lazareff in 1945. She is a French journalist who lived in New York to work for other magazines like Harper’s Bazaar. After working in several fashion magazines, she wanted to have her own after she went back to France. This initiates the birth of ELLE. The aim of ELLE which become the basis for its motive is to “open women’s appetites.” These driving words made ELLE very successful.

When Lazareff went back to France, the country has been wreaked by World War II. Prior to this, France has always been bound to class status and obligations. The idea of ELLE is really revolutionary. Helene idealize that ELLE would be run by women. Not because she wanted women to dictate other women but, more of helping them finally realize themselves.

ELLE become a friend to every French woman. Lazareff integrated other subjects to the magazine like cooking and advices on love which women find so interesting. Because of ELLE, the fashion industry of France was turned to favor women’s preference of apparel like wearing pants during winter. Now, their clothing is not just bounded to skirt and stockings alone.

Today, ELLE has extended its spectrum. From featuring only fashionable clothing, it now has its own manufacturing warehouse. Handbags, clothes, watches and jewelries are now included in its product catalogue.

From its humble philosophy, ELLE is now part of the everyday life of every French woman. It has not only able to conquer French girls’ hearts but also, those all over the world.

Popular designs available

The theme of ELLE’s designs is updated and prevailing. Every piece you might see in their sites is modern-looking yet has soft silhouettes.

ELLE earrings are made of large single stone with silver hooks or circular stone studded bronze number. Both designs are lined with quality silver to make it strong and nice. Drops of semiprecious stones are also one of the most-loved designs.

ELLE earrings are good for those who have sensitive skin. There are many wearers who want to have a pair of pretty earrings but their skin would easily get irritated. With ELLE, you will never experience such irritation because every silver hook is hypo-allergenic. The stones are lined with palladium and finished with rhodium to ensure its hypo-allergenic attribute. This combination also promotes beauty and durability.

ELLE rings are basically stone-studded. The stones are carefully chosen to blend beautifully in color and shape. The result of this is a very astounding elegance. You can wear these rings to any formal events. It will surely capture a lot of attention.

ELLE necklaces are designed like bibs with stones. The colorful collection of the semi-precious stones is artfully arranged and well-selected. It makes a very impressive contrast against the skin. Bib necklaces are best worn over plunging necklines and tube dresses.

Where to buy:

ELLE Jewelry is available at Amazon where they offer big discounts on regular ELLE Jewelry prices. For a piece with a regular price of $24, they made it on sale for only $15. That would give you almost $10 savings.

Other stores which offers ELLE Jewelry are Bremer Jewelry, Katie O (InStyle Silver Jewelry), Darcy’s Fine Jewelers, Warren Hannon Jeweler, and Barron’s Fine Jewelry. If you want to check their stores, you can check them online and see what are the available models and designs.

Artful stone selection in elegant arrangement and sophistication are the principles behind ELLE Jewelry’s chic designs. Thorough filtering of designs makes these collections on top-of-the-line. ELLE lives up to its high quality status. Truly, ELLE Jewelry is a woman’s piece of happiness.

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