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Vivienne Westwood New Heart Pink Stud Earrings

The 29 Best Vivienne Westwood Jewelry Designs EVER!

Vivienne Westwood Jewelry has a rocker personality. If you still have inclinations to religious pieces with a playful, rebellious and juvenile character, you are perfectly right with this collection. The assemblage of this jewelry line is composed of cross, breads, crowns, skulls and skeletons. The resulting effect is totally young and deviant but in a fashionable acceptable way. The right touch of shimmer and metals are nice and very wearable in casual events and concert parties especially if you will be watching live loud music. Vivienne Westwood Jewelry refines rock in her artworks.

A little background:

Vivienne Westwood is an English business woman who started out as a teacher before she got herself into jewelry designing. As a young girl, her family moved to Harllow, England by the end of the Second World War She was sent to school at Westminster University taking up Fashion and Silversmith. Concerned of how her future would be, she walk out from the course because she did not know how artists gain for their living. She took up teaching instead and became a primary school teacher.

After she got married, had a child and divorced, Vivienne collaborated with Malcolm McLaren. He is the man who owns some new punk boutique at 430 King’s Road. There, Vivienne got to craft her own design clothing and ornaments. When McLaren became a band manager named sex Pistols, it gave a great break to Vivienne’s creations. The band gets to wear her design lines. Since then, her creations made collaborations with many top brands like Nine West and man.

Most Loved Designs:

Earrings are worn closer to the eyes so, they make your eyes dazzle with the spark of each pair you wear. The earrings from this collection have a gothic air that wraps around it. The heart diamante stud earrings are punk but glamorous. The dangling earrings that have numerous rock and roll objects are also one of the most loved pieces since it mixed the gold and silver luster in a harmonious blend.

The rings signify anatomical symbolisms like skulls, femurs and rib cages. If you want to have a good laugh and punk, try these pieces. Hilarious deviancy of the themes makes it out of the ordinary jewelries you see in the stores.

The pendants of the necklaces are a new twist to define style. It depends on how you translate it- rebellious or fanciful. The gothic cross atop a sphere with a ringlet around it just like Saturn is a new wave of punk in the pendant designing. You can truly tell the spirit deviation in each pendant pieces.


Shopping guide for Vivienne Westwood Jewelry:

  1. Go for the luster. It you want to get bejeweled, you must check if the ornament is shiny and scratch-free. No matter what the theme is, shine really matters.
  2. There are also gothic pieces that have less punk effect. You can browse each online store to see what designs they are offering.
  3. Find stores on sale.
  4. If you want to be the first to have a newly released collection, go to their main official website store.
  5. To get the whole punk look, matching pieces is great.

Where to buy:

Vivienne Westwood Jewelry sale is available at Amazon online. You can get discounts for as much as 60% per piece of jewelry.

You can also check out eBay for cheap Vivienne Westwood Jewelry items. To check if the items are counterfeit then you can rely on Amazon as it’s the most trusted. They got a long list of which stores sell fake and which sell authentic.

If you want to get that young and rebellious look, you can try some religious and anatomical shapes to wear. Vivienne Westwood Jewelry smoothens the hardcore attitude of punk in her every craft.

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