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30 Amazing Designs of nOir Jewelry Collection

The Noir Jewelry collection has full of character and very comic. You can find many animal figurines in most of their pieces. Usually, these animal prints are distorted to make happy and funny features. Some of their pieces are showcasing the things that you use from day to day like hangers, shoes, hair dryers and many more. The main thing about having these pieces is that they can be worn with an elegant gown but still maintains their funky side. You can have them over a dress down sundress or a power up corporate clothing. Noir jewelry is versatile and fun to wear.

A little History:

From humble beginnings, Noir rose from the apartment of their maker Leeora Catalan. She is one of the significant designers behind the catwalk of Ralph Lauren and Oscar dela Renta. While having her time with the big companies, she saw an opportunity between the gaps of two market groups- the elite and the average. She got herself in to the mainstream of jewelry designing when her work was being noticed by top fashion magazine. With the raving success, she and her husband teamed up into the business. They collaborated with several high fashion and popular brand names like DKNY, Patricia field, Diesel and marc Jacobs. She got a big break. And now, women are flocking in her stores for more of her jewelry designs.

Popular designs:

  1. Nior bracelets. The neon collection is so awesome. You can see it even from afar. They are fun to wear because they get to be noticed easily with their eye-catching colors. They are available in fuchsia pink, neon green and yellow. The string that runs along the chain looks like delicate rope with semi-precious stone embellishment at the center. This is perfect to match your dress with.
  2. Nior Jewelry rings. This collection comes in so much zoological figures. They got a tortoise center piece, snail, rhino and coiled shark that looks so interesting and surprising. The happy thing about this pieces is that you get to imagine this figures as alive yet they were able to attach such detail in a piece of jewelry.
  3. Noir earrings. The earrings are so casual. They are simple yet edgy, small in size yet big in impact. The reason behind this spellbinding capability of Nior earrings is that it is made of quality materials and assembled in such a pleasant and simple way that is not too showy but, imposes spark.
  4. Nior necklaces. These pieces vary largely on the theme of design. They can be as edgy as you can imagine. They can also be as teeny and playful as a high school girl. You just have to match each design with your mood and dress. This are functional pieces especially if you got frequent mood swings or fashion schizophrenia.

Shopping guide:

If you love shopping for jewelries online, always keep in mind that what meets your eye may not equate with what you really imagined it to be. There are size specifications indicated in every slide which features each jewelry piece. Be careful and read every specification detailed on it to avoid disappointments. Be very mindful of the size and the materials being used as listed, not just about the picture.

There are a lot of jewelry designs in the market today. You can easily get blown away with the sparklers and dazzlers. Just make sure that you get what you really like to make yourself happy. Having the jewelry that matches your personality will look good on you. If you love color, shine and sparkling design, nothing compares with Nior Jewelry.

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