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3 Stone White Gold Engagement Rings for Women

A ring that is gaining popularity all the time is the 3 stone engagement ring. It is generally believed that this type of engagement ring is one of the higher priced rings available because of its use of three stones rather than just one. However this is a misplaced theory as the 3 stone white gold engagement ring is not as expensive as you would think.

A cheaper alternative:

What white gold three stone engagement rings give you is a ring that looks absolutely fantastic but is also much cheaper than its counterparts such as platinum rings. This is because white gold rings are much cheaper because the metal is not quite as strong and the coating not quite as durable as platinum.

Why 3 stones?

When it comes to engagement rings, the number three is very significant.

From a religious point of view, the number three signifies the Trinity- God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. From an alternative viewpoint, the number three can symbolize the past, present and future.

Customizing your 3 stone white gold engagement ring:

The great thing about 3 stone engagement rings is that they are very customizable and so can be designed to suit your requirements enabling you to choose from a whole range of different types of stones.

The list of stones that you could utilize is extensive from different gemstones and diamonds to suit your design requirements. You could use the gemstones as emerald to come up with an imaginative emerald ring design that would make your 3 stone white band engagement ring unique. Indeed because of the huge number of different stones of various quality and size you can tailor your three stone white gold engagement ring to your absolute requirements in terms of design and indeed your budget.

One factor that you will have to consider is that three stone engagement rings will tend to use diamonds as the larger middle stone. You need not opt for expensive gemstones and diamonds for your design as the stones you choose can be from the less expensive variety.

you have the ability to choose the best three stone white band engagement ring for you from the large number that they have available. They will assist you in finding the perfect ring for you from the vast collection they have available and give you the service you need to find that dream engagement ring.

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