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Ways Of Treatment By Stones And Jewelry

Every day we wake up on a new surprises of new ways of treatment one of them is called alternative medicine that uses every thing surrounding us in curing diseases that human beings have. The last thing I can think of is that stones can be used as curing materials.


Generated from steam and fumes coming up from the centre of the earth. It is created through the high temperature then it get hard and dry according to the quality of the materials generating it and also according to different reactions. Some of them is generated from plants and some are generated inside animals.

Gemstone properties differ according to the spot that the stone is generated in. stones are not necessarily solid beings as we think. Scientific researches have proved that gemstones have radiations similar to the radio radiations that have a positive effect in curing mental and neural illnesses.

Gemstone treatment

Medical science and it is one of the alternative medicines in the Middle East. In which stones are used to treat physical illnesses and psychological problems it cures most of the diseases unless it’s a late case like cancer. Usually the effect of gemstones is affected by astronomy and has a direct connection to the date of birth.

Its effect

The effect of the stones differ according to the type of the stone and the nature of the people using them. There are many ways of stone treatment one of them is to put the stone in a specific area of your body in certain points that indicate your illness. For instance if you have a liver problem put it on the area that is on your liver and so on. It is also used in activating the centre of energy in your body found in your hands; you can hold the stone in your palm. It is not preferred to put a stone on your spine because it stimulates the energy centers more than the average level so it doesn’t depend only on selecting the stone good for your illness but also it is an overall philosophy based on cleaning the soul and body from toxics. For example some of the stones has a very intense energy, if the patient wasn’t ready to get that energy it could have a negative effects and he could have seizures.

To name some of the gemstones


Responds to dark blue cosmic rays and also with Jupiter. It is used in curing different cases of paralysis, epilepsies, splenomegaly and eye diseases.


Responds to blue cosmic rays and with Jupiter. It is used in curing throat, larynx problems and contagious diseases like measles.


Responds to green cosmic rays and also with mercury so it is used in releasing stress, heart problems and skin problems.


There are trees that found in the bottom of the ocean. It responds with yellow cosmic rays and also with Mars. It helps in curing blood diseases, skin diseases, diarrhea and strengthen the nerves.


Formed inside shells, a marine creature, responds to orange cosmic rays and astronomically it responds to the moon it helps in menopauses and asthmas.


Responds to the red cosmic rays and to the sun. it heals different heart diseases, psychological and blood circulation problems. In treatment the stone should be one carat and touches the skin continuously.

The amethyst

Its color is purple. It activates your memory and reduces anger making you more creative.

The aquamarine

It has a light blue color. It increases self confidence and helps in curing thyroid gland.

The prince stone

It is found in two colors light yellow and orange it helps in fixing your mood, getting rid of body toxics and protects you from radiations coming from TV, the sun or computers.

There is another way used in treatment with stones, it is to concentrate on the color of the stone itself, so you can wear it as accessories to help in treating some diseases.

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