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Best Care Mothods for Jewelry, Watches and Gemstones

Jewelry add an elegant touch to your look, but each piece of these jewelry has its own way of cleaning to keep it for the longest time without losing its shine and glare.


The best way to care is to keep each piece in its separate velvet box and don’t place all of them into one box in order not to scratch them and your jewelry may get old.

If you didn’t have that many boxes you can place them in separate velvet sacs in big box.

In white gold you should keep it away from perfumes because it makes it loses its shiny look. You should be careful not to use cleaning powders, it is very harmful as it makes a crust and reduces its glare. To get back the shine of your gold you can put it in two cups of boiling water added to ammonia then you can polish it and rinse it with warm water.



Place your silver ring in a bowl with hot water and some lemon juice then clean it with a piece of chamois cloth. If you found any scratch you can repair it with the silver polisher liquid. Don’t clean it in circles; you should move the towel to go back and forth.

You can also prepare a solution made of one liter of boiling water added to it ten grams of a spice sold at the spice stores, put a piece of woolen cloth in this solution then clean the silver ring using it, clean it with the same liquid and rinse it with running water.

Keep it in a dry place and away from heat. The best place to keep it in a velvet box so that it will not change its color quickly.

Do not use the nail polisher on the silver piece because by time there is a crust created under it with which the first layer of silver comes out with. And the first layer adds the shiny look to your silver objects and it is hard to get that layer again.



Is the easiest thing to take care of because often you can find only one diamond stone in the middle of the ring. It is hard not to feel if the stone has gone, but you have to make sure that the stone is tightly fixed in your ring because it can be breakable or easily broken in the everyday life. Also your jewelry has to be large enough the hold on the weight of the stone.

Stone jewelry:

Is the hardest kind of jewelry because if you lost one stone it spoils the general look of the ring? Then when you choose your piece you should make sure that you can find spare parts to it in the markets and it is easy to be changed or re fixed if you lost a stone because fixing a stone usually depends on sticking it and that makes it easy to be broken. To avoid this you should take off your ring when doing your housework, or when using water. if you wanted too clean them then use a clean towel and clean the twice a week to remove the dirt.


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