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What Are The Best Types Of Pearls For Evenings And Occasions?

What Are The Best Types Of Pearls For Evenings And Occasions?

Pearls can be used at any time of the day whether at night or in morning time. It fits perfectly with different styles of clothes. We will know the secrets of pearls from the gemstones and jewelry expert Hassan Wagdy.

Its formation

Pearl is a hard round excretion formed inside a clams shells and oysters.

It is used as a gemstone. The ones having iridescent color used in making jewelry and buttons. Pearls are not cut or polished, they are not like other gemstones. in the Arab world, the name of the pearl differ according to the size of the pearl and the local dialects of the region.


Its famous names in the gulf area

The mysterious one: The large pearl that is still inside the shell and it is removed by the experts. It could come out, in that case it would be called the unique pearl or it could be nothing.

The Dana: The large pearl that has a great value and it equals the unique one.

Akmash: The medium size pearl and it could be a name of a girl.

The head: The small size pearl, it is considered the best.

The stone: The pearl that is attached to the shell and it needs an expert to remove it.

The suit: Is the valuable pearl.

Al hasbah: The pearl that comes right after the Dana in size and quality.

Al khashra: The name is given to the pearl that is stuck to the shell or something like sand specks and it is extremely rare.

The best choice

The best type of pearls are usually the white ones and sometimes they could have an ivory color or light pink. They are also found in different more colors with a touch of yellow, green, blue, brown, and black.


Black pearl is one of the rarest and the most expensive ones. generally they are formed in the middle east and specially in the Arabian gulf.

The shine and glare of pearls depend on the reflection and refraction of light coming from the semi-transparent layers. The less dense the layers are the more shiny it gets.

The sparkle coming from some pearls is caused by the overlapping of the sequential layers that break the light on its surface.

Sources of pearls

Its main sources are Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the red sea coasts, Sri Lanka, the west coasts of the united states, and the gulf of Mexico.

They are also found in pearl islands in panama gulf, Japan, Britain, Czech, Austria, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Venice, and France.

Treatment with pearl

Pearl is used in treatment. It is used as a prevention from glaucoma, short sight, color blindness, and schizophrenia. It is helpful in stimulating and reinforcing the heart, opening the blocked gallbladder channels, supporting liver functions, poison control, relaxing the mood, stopping bleeding and vitiligo.

Its powder is used in making a syrup with water. It is also used to make a dough with margarine to remove toxics. It is used to decorate eyes and to cure different diseases.

Different shapes of pearls

It could take the shape of a rice grain, round, pear shape or baroque shapes.


They are evaluated according to this point:

The precious pearls are coming from salty water shells and fresh water shells.

Planting the salt water shells

These pearls are formed by putting a small bead inside the inner tissue of the shell then the shell is put in closed boxes in protected bays for a long time it could reach 4 years. This time is essential for forming pearls. Japan has managed the way of producing pearls.

The bright of pearls still attracts many women around the world.






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