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18 Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Illusion Set Engagement Ring
18 Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Illusion Set Engagement Ring

23 Hottest Designs of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings For Women

Most people choose gold rings to celebrate special occasions like engagement and wedding. These days, white gold and yellow gold engagement rings are admired by many and can be found in stylish and amazing designs. If you are planning to get engaged soon but you are overwhelmed by the many choices available today, the yellow gold engagement rings would be good options to consider.

There are some modish new designs available for yellow gold engagement rings today. Some of the extremely popular designs for yellow gold rings include net, spirals, and knots. Perhaps one of the best things about buying these rings is that you will find a wide selection of designs to choose from, so it will be easy to get the right one to match your loved one’s personality.

Unlike the platinum and white gold options, the yellow gold engagement rings for women have a timeless, simple appeal. Aside from that, the gold diamond engagement rings are known to exude a subtle glow and warmth. This is the reason why the yellow gold is a gorgeous metal when set against the dazzling diamond.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that when you are shopping for any kind of gold jewelry, you should know that it’s not used straight from the ground. Gold in its purest form is extremely malleable and soft for everyday use, so it’s vulnerable to bending out-of-shape and scratching. Therefore, the jewel designers add other metals to gold such as silver, nickel or copper to form an alloy and make it more usable for other items like princess cut yellow gold engagement rings for women.

As it pertains to gold alloy, metals are usually added in many different quantities in order to create various strengths. In addition, they are measured in different levels of karats with the 24 k representing pure gold. However, most of the engagement rings are made with 18 k gold. Due to the nature of gold itself, the material is ductile to the extent that one gram can be stretched easily to create a squared meter sheet without breaking. As a result, gold is the ideal material when it comes to shaping jewelry into a wide variety of detailed and intricate designs.

Besides that, gold is still fairly rare today which makes it one of the expensive precious metals. However, the yellow gold is cheaper than platinum. In fact, most of the jewelry stores online are selling yellow gold engagement rings for as much as 60% less than the ones that you will get on the high street. Bidz Company is one such jewelry store and they have a wide variety of engagement rings and other items on auction at low prices. Bidz.com also carries jewelry from many top designers including Chanel, Gucci, Roberto Coin, and more.

With the option available for you get low priced, quality jewelry online for less, there is no need for you to wait around for sale events. Take advantage of the opportunity to shop online where you can get yellow gold engagement rings with beautiful designs at heavily discounted prices.