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18 Hot Gold Link Bracelets Designs


For many years, golden jeweleries was a sign of being classy and wealthy. Gold was the most precious metal for ages and still one of the most desired metals for jewelery . It also, sometimes is added to other metals to give them more elegance and to give them more countless shapes . Gold are formed into all kinds of jeweleries such as earrings , rings, chains bangles and bracelets.

Gold link chains are one of the most elegant piece of jewelery that every woman like to have. No matter what the color of the gold chain link bracelet (white, yellow or rose) is it conveys the characteristics of elegancy that the wearer have. The more complex the design of the gold chain link bracelet is the more expensive it will be.

Whenever you like to wear a simple outfit , you can add up an expensive look to your cloths with wearing a gold link chain bracelet . Moreover, the gold chain link bracelet can be mixed with any other bracelet tat you already have , a medley of chain bracelets gives a better modern and fashionable look.

If you are going to buy a piece of jewelery as a gift for an anniversary, engagement or even a birthday , the most common and the most beautiful choice is the white gold link bracelet. The white gold link bracelet has the great aspect of the doubled chain which gives it more strength , more elegancy and durability and almost all of the white gold link bracelets come with the lobster claw clasp that secures it well.

Jeweleries offers a very stylish boxes for the white gold link bracelets along with an elegant wrapping service . So, The gold link bracelet becomes the best affordable special gift that you can give to your beloved woman.

For adding a stylish look to the white gold link bracelet , diamonds such as cubic zirconia (CZ), fancy blue diamond and a lot of other stones can be inlaid into the gold as it add more for the bracelet’s quality.

The price of gold link chain bracelets is determined by the purity or the amount (carat value) of the gold used. the higher the value , the higher the price will be and it would be more expensive if there are diamonds or gemstones inlaid into the gold link bracelet .

In conclusion, while buying a gold link chain, make sure that the jewelers is giving you a pure gold bracelet not just a gold plated bracelet . The gold plated link chain bracelets look very shiny but once you start wearing them a lot they will fade and lose their shine.


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