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Kala Jewelry


Handcrafted jewelry has always enjoyed a special status in the glittering fashion world. Most people love this kind of jewelry because the creations often showcase influences of the designers. When looking for high quality handcrafted jewels, you can consider Kala jewelry.

Kala handcrafted jewelry set include stunning necklace with matching earrings. This jewelry set is created with large silver plated metal beads which are woven specially and mixed with handpicked Czech fire polished silver-colored beads. You can wear this set with a black dress if you want an elegant look.

Here are some of the other pieces that you can find when you check the items at Kala shop:

Kala Pull String Necklace with Tahitian Pearl: Choose this unusual necklace for a special event if you want to make a playful fashion statement. The center and the ends of the necklace have 12 to 15mm pearls which radiates beautifully in any light.

Kala Triple Baroque Pearl Necklace with Two-Pave Diamonds on Leather: You can definitely turn heads when wearing this gorgeous necklace. The design feature three pearls between two blinging disco balls and natural white diamonds in pave style settings. The 13 to 14mm pearls and diamonds will make this gorgeous necklace stand out at any party.

Kala Bracelet with Gold Pave Diamond Beads on Leather: This piece of Kala jewelry will look fabulous on your wrist. This brown leather bracelet has natural sapphires in yellow color which creates a stunning contrast and emphasizes the sparkling gemstones. This bracelet with pearl closure will give an urban look that can highlight your natural style.

Kala Three-Pistachio Pearl Bracelet: With a modern touch, the design for this bracelet features three Tahitian cultured pearls knotted on an urban-brown leather chain. You can make a bold fashion statement with magnificent looking pearls which showcases a unique pistachio color. To get an edgy bohemian look, you could wear this piece with other bracelets.

Kala Baroque Pearls Earrings with Pave Diamond Studs: These drop earrings are designed to give a modern look. These disk studs are covered with natural pave-set diamonds to give each ear a touch of bling. Stunning Tahitian cultured pearls will fall from the earrings and rest delicately on a dark leather cord to give you a fun piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

Kala jewelry is the preferred choice for many, which is not surprising because people have always been fascinated with handcrafted jewelry. The jewel pieces in this collection will make wonderful gifts for any occasion. You can choose these beautifully handcrafted jewels if you are looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Graduation or any other special occasion.

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Kala Pave Diamond Studs with Baroque Pearls Earrings


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Kala Double Baroque Pearl and Pave Diamond on Leather Necklace


Kala Champagne Diamonds and Tahitian Pearls on Leather Necklace


Kala Blue Sapphire Pave Bead on Leather Necklace


Kala Three Tahitian Baroque Pearls on Double Leather Breacelet



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