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Braided Wedding Bands

14KT White Gold

Braided wedding bands are a singular type of wedding band that utilize 21st century expertise to create an ancient and timeless style in a modern way. It gives the appearance of an endless flow and is meant to symbolize a never ending love for each other.

A brief history of braided wedding bands:

Braided wedding bands have an extensive history that can be linked back to the ancient Egyptians who fabricated them with papyrus and weeds that grew alongside the River Nile. What they did was to twist and braid the plant sections into circular elements and they believed that by twisting and manipulating the plants into these circular elements, they would symbolize an immortal and never-ending love.

They would then seek to exchange these braided wedding bands as they sought to symbolize an everlasting bond between them which was embodied in this braided band.

They also believed that the fourth finger, where we place engagement and wedding bands, had a particularly special vein that went straight to the heart. So these braided wedding bands were the symbolization of a perfect union of marriage.

This tradition passed to subsequent generations and to other civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans. Amongst the Romans, braided wedding bands were seen as being legally binding and were used to legally marry two people. Then as centuries passed, metals were introduced such as yellow, white and rose gold strands that would be forged, manipulated and weaved in and out to replicate the papyrus reeds that the Egyptians once used to symbolize this everlasting union.

Why they are popular today:

Today they carry on this ancient tradition and braided wedding bands continue to be very distinctive. Compared to other types of wedding band, their unique style that marks them out because of the way they are made and then sold on the market.

They are also very durable because of the way they are constructed. A jeweler will braid and meld together different pieces of metals together to get that braided appearance and the fuse the ends together so there is no join and help the braid to appear endless.

You can still get braided wedding bands in different colored strands as well to suit your taste and style, so you need not opt just for one particular style of braid as there is a wealth of options to choose from.

By using Buyz Company to purchase your braided wedding band, you can be assured that you are purchasing a high quality wedding band at an affordable price that won’t leave you out of pocket. They will help you to locate the perfect braided wedding bands for you from their vast collection so that you have the perfect ring that will last a lifetime.

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