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20 Women Cameo Brooches You’ll Only See Here!


Most people buy cameo brooches as beautiful family heirlooms to pass down to many generations. A cameo brooch is a pin or brooch that is made with a special carved jewelry that was extremely popular in the nineteenth and early-twentieth century. One of the good things about these pieces of jewelry is that they are always in style. Cameos are also good investments, because they are valuable jewelry pieces.

Even though cameo jewelry has a history that can be traced back to centuries ago, Queen Victoria is responsible for the popularity of the modern styles. To enjoy the real value of cameo brooches, you have to invest in the antique pieces of jewelry. The hand carved pieces from the past have intricate designs with excellent craftsmanship, so they offer more value than the styles today. Most of the modern designers are making cameo brooch as replicas.

A cameo is typically designed with two colors. You can find cameo brooches made from stone or seashell with natural colors featuring a design with a light and darker shade. Often the color contrast in these jewelry pieces is enhanced with dye or bleach, two different stones or glass layers.

One of the other reasons why the cameo jewelries are so valuable is because they are only carved in two cities worldwide. The shell cameos are carved in Torre de Greco in Italy and the stones are carved in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. These European cities are the largest cameo carving centers.

Cameo jewelry pieces are made from different materials such as hard stone, shell, ivory, lava and precious or semi-precious stones in some cases. The Victorian cameo brooches and pins usually have intricate craftsmanship and delicate designs, so they always make great gifts for women. This why you can find many cameo brooches for sale to make any kind of fashion statement.

The true Victorian style brooches have an eclectic mix of designs with beautifully hand crafted pieces with delicate work and attention to detail. Regardless of the design that you choose, no detail will be left unfinished when you find the perfect cameo brooch.

Although the black cameo brooch can give you a stunning look, you should know that most valuable ones have the greatest color contrast. So, you might want to go for a Victorian Style pink cameo brooch that can add more value and a retro look to your modern wardrobe.

You should definitely shop online today if you want to find valuable cameo gems and work of art pieces that you can hold on to for many generations. Buyz Company has some beautiful brooches that you can buy to add versatile accessories to your jewelry box. Aside from finding cameo brooches that you can wear on any occasion, Buyz.com is selling jewelry pieces at the most affordable price.

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