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Wooden Jewellery Boxes designs

Best Jewellery Boxes to Keep Your Jewelry and Precious Gold in

Jewelry boxes are the best things to keep your jewelry in but you have to select the appropriate box that suits your jewelry to keep their glare as long as possible.

Metal boxes:

Made of copper and they are the best to keep your copper or silver jewelry in, but they don’t suit gold. Diamond or even gemstones because the metal affects this kind of jewelry which damages them quickly.

carved metal jewelry boxes design

metal jewelry boxes

Velvet boxes:

The best to keep gemstones, and diamond jewelry in. the texture of the velvet boxes suits these jewelry and it doesn’t react with them even if you kept them without wearing them or exposing them to air.

velvet jewelry box many designs

velvet jewelry boxes elegant designs

Wooden boxes:

Wooden boxes are the best to put your jewelry in within open areas. So if you keep your jewelry in a ventilated area exposed to the sun and heat, these jewellery boxes are the best, because they don’t react with the heat. It actually prevent heat and humidity from getting into it. They are the best for gold, silver, even the plastic or wooden accessories.

Wooden Jewellery Boxes designs

Wooden Jewellery Box

Wooden Jewelry Box designs

Wooden Jewelry Boxes high quality designs

Plastic boxes:

It is not good to keep your precious jewelry in plastic boxes, so it is the case with jewelry that have colors, because reactions with this kind of boxes make the jewelry loose its shine. The best way to use this box is to try not to fill it with accessories so that it doesn’t react with the plastic making the jewelry loose its glare.

Plastic Jewellery Box in Great Designs

plastic jewelry boxes

plastic jewelry box design

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