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Top 10 Most Expensive Face Creams in the World for 2015

Face cosmetics is the a wide industry that is and will absolutely continue to be popular as long as there are women on earth. Serums, moisturizers and cremes are cherished …

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Iolite stone

Iolite is a mineral gemstone that was discovered by French geologist Louis Cordier in 1813. It had been given different names before recognizing such as dichroite, water sapphire and known …

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Amazing Engagement Rings With Colored Gemstones

Wearing a ring  with a colored stone like ruby, emerald or tourmaline is like telling the world that you have a fashion-forward sensibility. It is recommended to select a stone …

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The Four Cs To Value Your Diamonds And Gemstones

When buying and selling gemstones in general, and diamonds in particular, the four qualities that most matter to the value of the stone are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.  …

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30 Elegant Design Of Engagement Rings In Rose Gold

The Rose gold is the most beautiful metal choice if you want to get advice about the engagement rings. The Rose gold also is suitable for a variety of skin …

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Legends Of Ancients And The Power Of Gemstones In Preventing Envy

Some people believe in blue beads and the power of gemstones in preventing envy. What are the original sources of these beliefs? This is what we will discuss here Ancient …

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The Most Expensive Diamond Rings

 1 The most expensive diamond ring in the whole world This ring is made in china to be the most expensive ring on earth. The united states bought it for …

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What NO One Told You About Natural Gemstones

Moss’s scale of hardness. It is used to refer to the ability of the gemstone to resist scratches. Some metals are tested by checking the ability of a hard material …

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The 32 Most Elegant Genuine Ruby Rings For Women 2013

BIG gold real diamond and ruby ring

If you want a ring that can give your hand a gracious look, you should definitely consider the genuine ruby rings. These rings are the preferred choice for most women …

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How to Choose Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom with Most Popular Designs

turquoise wedding rings for women

The bride’s ring is one of the most important things that accompany her for the rest of her life to remind you with this happy occasion, so you have to …

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